Doctor Ronald Schulz International Award.

Doctor Ronald Schulz International Award.


Chilean Association of Past Lives Therapist (ACHTEVIP). Logotype.
Chilean Association of Past Lives Therapist (ACHTEVIP). Logotype.

Doctor Ronald Schulz Grangier was a pioneer of Regressive Therapy in Chile, and although he did not create the Therapists Association, he inspired its creation. In the mid-2000s, he and Doctor Viviana Zenteno came together to outline this dream.

However, his death in November 2006 interrupted the project. Many years passed until the enterprise culminated in the Chilean Association of Past Lives Therapists (ACHTEVIP) in January of 2013. For that reason, the idea to commemorate the name and the legacy of this authentic one master, Ronald Schulz, was in place since the birth of the Association

We call for candidacy according to the following rules:

Doctor Juan José López Martínez, Doctor Ronald Schulz Award 2021.
Doctor Juan José López Martínez, Doctor Ronald Schulz Award 2021.

ACHTEVIP will award the Doctor Ronald Schulz Prize, in the category of distinguished people, to those candidates, Chileans or foreigners, specialists and / or teachers of Regressive Therapy or scholars of Reincarnation who have distinguished themselves in their career and contribution to human development. Candidates must be alive at the time of the proposal.

  1. Doctora Viviana Zenteno Cereceda, special distinction Doctor Ronald Schulz 2021.
    Doctora Viviana Zenteno Cereceda, special distinction Doctor Ronald Schulz 2021.

    Nominations for the award of this distinction may be made by individuals or groups of people. All duly individualized.

  2. Those who make the nomination proposal must be –at least some of the members of the group– past life therapists.

  3. Nomination proposals will be submitted between July 2nd and September 30th of each year to the Board of the Association, by e-mail to the e-mail addresses indicated at the end of these rules.

  4. Along with the proposal, a brief biography of the nominee must be accompanied, indicating the arguments and grounds that justify it.

  5. The award will be decided by a Special Jury appointed for this purpose by the Board, no later than the 2nd of September of each year.

  6. The jury will take a decision before November 1st of the respective year, announcing the decision privately to the President and Vice President of the Association, who will inform the winner of the decision, keeping it in reserve if deemed necessary.

  7. Galvan granted to Doctor Juan José López Martínez.
    Galvan granted to Doctor Juan José López Martínez.

    The award ceremony will be held in November of each year. (For the first time in 2021, and given the global health situation, it will be a virtual event). The prize (in 2021) will consist of a galvan that will be engraved with the data and the logo as decided by the logistics managers (Vice President and Secretary of ACHTEVIP in conjunction with the Networks Commission).

  8. However the news and the visual record of the ceremony will be advertised on all of the Association’s networks.

Emails for receiving nomination proposals:

presidenciaLetter A that

secretariaLetter A that

Post English translation: Núria Comas Viladrich.

Basic Workshop on Past Lives Theraphy with Doctor José Luís Cabouli. 4th, 5th and 6th February 2022. Online by Zoom.

Basic Workshop on Past Lives Theraphy with Doctor José Luís Cabouli. 4th, 5th and 6th February 2022. Online by Zoom.

Seventh edition of Basic Workshop on Past Life Therapy (TVP).

Basic Workshop on Past Lives Theraphy.

Doctor José Luís Cabouli.

4th-5th and 6th of February of 2022.

Translation: Núria Comas Viladrich.

This is a Past Lives Therapy (PLT) introductory course aimed at those who wish to know and learn about this therapeutic alternative without carrying out an entire formal training.

The workshop will consist of five separate classes taking place Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday, from 4 to 8 pm on Friday and from 10 am to 8 pm on the weekend, when the fundamental concepts of PLT will be explained: the basic regression technique, the therapeutic work of traumatic experiences in past lives, fetal life and birth, and how the anamnesis is performed when using PLT techniques.

Each class will be splitted into a theoretical part and a practical part during which Dr. Cabouli will perform a didactic regression by drawing lots among the attendees.

The course is aimed at therapists and health and other disciplines professionals wishing to acquire a different knowledge about the genesis and resolution of emotional conflicts that they often face on a daily basis as well as at those who wish to delve into their interior development.

In addition to therapists interested in learning about a different therapeutic alternative, the course may be of particular interest to obstetricians, pediatricians, and those professionals working in palliative care or accompanying terminally ill patients.

At the end of the course a certificate of attendance will be issued.

Basic Workshop on Past lives Therapy (PLT) Program:

Lesson 1.

General Introduction; basic premises on the basis of Past Lives Therapy (PLT).

The timeless dimension of the soul, the trapping of consciousness and the concept of multi-simultaneity.

Experience excluded from consciousness, responsible experience and traumatic experience.

Symptom: the pathway to experience excluded from consciousness.

Didactic regression by Doctor José Luis Cabouli.

Lesson 2.

Basic Regression Technique.

Therapeutic work of the traumatic experience.

How the therapeutic session is conducted.

Didactic regression by Doctor José Luis Cabouli.

Lesson 3.

The experience of death.

Therapeutic work of the different traumatic death experiences .

Didactic regression by Doctor José Luis Cabouli.

Lesson 4.

Fetal life and birth.

Influence of emotions, maternal beliefs and external events on the psyche of the fetus.

Therapeutic work of events that may occur at birth: cesarean section, general anesthesia, forceps and circular cord among others.

Didactic regression by Doctor José Luis Cabouli.

Lesson 5.

Anamnesis in PLT: initial interview conducted by the therapist which differs from the classic medical history.

Mandates and Promises: Positive or negative statements that work as programmers of behaviors from the unconscious.

Didactic regression by Doctor José Luis Cabouli.

Online (vía Zoom platform).

Cost: 250€.

Registration Form:

On page 5 of this form you can find the bank details to make your reservation.


WA LAM. Holistic Health Institute.
Phone number: 693932825 (WhatsApp).

Rosa María Rodríguez. Funder-Director.

Contact me:

Cellphone: +34 693932825
Landline: +34 932127361

Visit us!

We will meet at:

WA LAM. Holistic Health Institute.
Carrer Bisbe Sivilla 44, local.
08022 Barcelona.

Wa Lam. Holistic Health Institute.

700th anniversary of the execution of Gilhem of Belibasta. 1321-2021.

Guilhem de Belibasta: «Al cap de 700 ans verdejera lo laurelh». 1321-2021.

700th anniversary of the execution of Gilhem of Belibasta. 1321-2021.

Sunday, October 24 of 2021 is the most likely date of the 700th anniversary of the execution by the the Catholic Inquisition’s bonfire of the last known historical Cathar, Gilhem de Belibasta, in Vila-Roja de Termenés, Occitania very close to northern Catalonia.

Tradition has it that shortly before his death, Belibasta stated: “After seven hundred years the laurel will blossom.

The religion of good men and good women, perfect or Cathars was characterized by sharing the faith in the Christ of the Roman era and the belief in reincarnation.

Today, some therapists help their patients to heal the wounds of the unconscious which may come from previous lives. These are the practitioners of Past Life Therapy (PLT) and Spiritual Possession Therapy (SPT).

There is a common knowledge shared, among others, by the followers of the Jewish Kabbalah, the Gnostics, some early fathers of the Christian Church, Sufi Muslims, Cathar Christians, and, nowadays, soul therapists. All these collectives have helped us or are helping us to understand that we are souls and that we keep changing our physical body.

We would like to regard this message as a tribute to all those people who, over time and regardless of the community or condition to which they belong, have helped or are helping humanity to better understand and make us evolve in the spiritual reality.

Post English translation: Núria Comas Viladrich.

Regression Therapy Training.

Regression Therapy Training.

Malaga ATMA Center. Logo.

Organizer: ATMA Center in Málaga
Spanish Regressive Therapy Headquarters
Avinguda dels Guindos, 20, 2n Left
29004 Málaga

Four modalities – Face to Face and On-line training
Teaching professional:
Carlos González Delgado
Collegiate Psychologist AO-11251
Regression Therapy Spanish Association

The Regressive Therapy training offered by the ATMA Center in Málaga is aimed at both health professionals (psychologists, doctors, qualified therapists …) and anyone interested in getting acquainted with this technique.

Training lasts for 9 months and can be undertaken in different modalities

The face to face modality consists of attending three evenings per month (when attending evening sessions) or elsewise, a whole weekend per month.

It will start in October of 2021 and will be completed by the end of June of 2022.

In regards to the online training options, you can choose between personal one to one formation or group training formation with other attendees.

The online modality can start at any time of the year and will end, subject to the time spent on internships, when the person is properly trained.

Online modalities do not have a finish deadline. Training is concluded when the attendee has demonstrated his/her competence.

You can also opt for mixed training by choosing any of the alternatives described above.

You can check the study plan and the calendar in our website

You can also request more information by calling to the following phone number: (+34) 616 468 958
Or by sending an email to:

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ATMA Center of Malaga. Past Lives Therapy Course for the general public. Poster.

ATMA Center of Malaga. Past Lives Therapy Course for professionals. Cartel.

Seventh edition of the Past lives therapy basic course (PLT).

Seventh edition of the Past lives therapy basic course (PLT).

Doctor José Luís Cabouli.

A round trip journey into the course of the soul.

From the 4th to the 6h of February of 2022, via Zoom platform.

More information at:

Phone Number: +34 693932825 (WhatsApp).

Post English translation: Núria Comas Viladrich.

Seventh edition of the Past lives therapy basic course (PLT).

Interview with Doctor Viviana Zenteno by Terra Networks in Galician language.

Interview with Doctor Viviana Zenteno by Terra Networks in Galician language.

Animated Galician flag.Our Galician speakers Internet users can now read the interview given by Doctor Viviana Zenteno and conducted by Terra Networks Chile in their mother tongue. We would like to remind our readers that Doctor Zenteno has been the President of the Chilean Association of Past Life Therapists (ACHTEVIP) and has published up to three books dealing with regressive therapy, being one of these volumes dedicated to learning this technique.

We would like to thank Professor Vicenzo Reboleiro González for his translation into the language of Castelao.

«In body and soul» website’s team.
Sunday, October 10th of 2021.
Post English translation: Núria Comas Viladrich.

Link to the interview translated into Galician language:

Doutora Viviana Zenteno. As regresións como terapia da alma. Entrevista Terra, 6-5-2010 (Doctor Viviana Zenteno. Regressions as a soul therapy. Interview by Terra, May 6, 2010).
Entrevista Terra Networks Chile.
Xoves, 6 de Maio de 2010.
A través desta técnica, o pasado mestúrase co presente e actívanse unha serie de feitos que non están no consciente.
Tradución á lingua galega: Vicenzo Reboleiro González.

Interview with Doctor José Luís Cabouli for the newspaper «Reforma» in Galician language.

Interview with Doctor José Luís Cabouli for the newspaper «Reforma» in Galician language.

Animated Galician flag.We would like to inform you that we have published in the “Interviews” section of our website, the Galician translation of the interview that was granted to Doctor José Luís Cabouli for the Mexican newspaper “Reforma“. With this version we have already translated into this language the five interviews granted so far to the abovementioned therapist.

Reforma. Logo.We are grateful for the work of the Galician language teacher Vicenzo Reboleiro González, who made the reading of these four pages possible in this language. Remember that if you access our website from a cell phone or any other reduced screen device, you can expand and collect the sections that allow access to the different pages by clicking on the “Menu” option.

Website’s team “In body and soul“.
Wednesday September 8th of 2021.
Post English translation: Núria Comas Viladrich.

Here is the link to the interview available in Galician language:

Entrevista ao Doutor José Luís Cabouli no xornal Reforma, México DF (Interview to Dr. José Luis Cabouli by newspaper Reforma, Mexico DF).
por Natalia Vitela, México, 26 de Agosto de 2006.
Algunha vez experimentou que o que pensa, di e actúa non é vostede e que o fai motivado por unha vontade allea á súa? Se é así non descarte a posibilidade de estar «posuído» (…).
Tradución: Vicenzo Reboleiro González.

Amy’s Witness in German language.

Amy’s Witness in German language.

Animated German flag.We have translated into German language Amy’s Witness (Zeugnisaussage von Amy) from Doctor Michael Newton in the Appointments and testimonials section of our website (Termine und Zeugen).

We recall that this case describes the suicide of a patient in her previous life as the result of the fear of becoming a single mother in the Victorian England. The patient sees, in the period between two lives, different alternatives to her decision, some of them better than the one she foresaw as the unique and more painful. We thank Nina Piulats for translating the heading text.

Website’s team «In body and soul».
Wednesday, September 1st of 2021.
Post English translation: Núria Comas Viladrich.

The link to the page where the German translation can be found is:

Zeugnisaussage von Amy. Fall von Selbstmord und die Bibliothek der Bücher über das Leben (Amy’s evidence. A case of suicide and headway through the library of Life Books).
Nachfolgend, die Geschichte einer der Patientinnen von Doktor Michael Newton, hier Amy genannt. Amy belebt ein vergangenes Leben wieder; in diesem Leben begeht sie Selbstmord, ist ledig und schwanger, und verliert ihren Lebenspartner in einem Unfall im viktorianischen England. Ihre Seele stagniert um die ca. 100 Jahre, in denen sie sich über ihre Taten besinnt, bis sie Zugang zu der Bibliothek der Bücher des Lebens hat. Dort tritt sie in Kontakt mit der Seele einer der Bibliothekaren, ein Meister und Experte, welcher ihr auf ihrem sprirituellen Weg weiter hilft (…).
Doktor Michael Newton. Die Abenteuer der Seelen. Neue Fallstudien zum Leben zwischen den Leben. Seiten 145 bis 150.
Übersetzung der Überschrift: Nina Piulats.

14th workshop «Meeting with the soul’s light». Eivissa.

14th workshop «Meeting with the soul’s light». Eivissa.

Doctor José Luis Cabouli.

Wednesday 20th to Sunday 24th of October of 2021.

Once again, Dr. Cabouli will lead this special workshop which consists of five days of inner work with his particular technique on Past Life Therapy. Personal experience integrates regression therapy with healing rituals including the four fundamental elements; fire, air, earth and water. Part of this activity takes place in archetypal locations in Ibiza. Inner work includes, among other experiences, the recovery of soul fragments, the cleansing of curses and the annulment of covenants, promises, and oaths. Each person is worked individually accompanied by group energy so the maximum contingent for this workshop is twelve people.

Location: Ca Fuster, Sant Joan de Labritja, Eivissa.

Ca Fuster is a typical Eivissan house. It consists of only nine rooms; for this reason the accommodation is in a shared room. The property has a swimming pool and free wifi.

Fee: 1200 €.

The fee includes accommodation with full board from Wednesday noon until Sunday lunch (paella made by homeowners). It also includes transfers to and from Ibiza Airport and Ca Fuster as well as travel within the island to carry out the various planned activities.

In order to confirm your reservation it is necessary to pay 50% of the fee (it can be in a single payment or in two). The rest is paid before the start of the workshop.

Eivissa 1.

Eivissa 2.

Eivissa 3.

Information and reservations: Joana Alenyà Mateu.

Whatsapp: +34 606.204.308




Experiential workshop in Eivissa: «Meeting with the soul’s light».

(Created in 2007).

Out of the world, out of time, in another dimension …

According to Vicente Valero, an Eivissan poet, an island is the purest expression of solitude and beauty and is also a symbol of the most perfect possible inner world. An island is and has always been an expectation for the human imagination, something resembling a dream or a promise of youth.

Eivissa is the magical and accessible island where I have found the ideal setting for a unique workshop to capture the experience gained in twenty-five years of development of PLT.

This special workshop consists of five days of in-depth inner work focused on achieving the encounter with the soul’s light. The central work is based on regressions on each of the attendees with my already known technique combined with healing rituals. In these rituals the four fundamental elements are present; fire, air, earth and water. The whole workshop itself is a sacred ritual behind harmony, joy and inner serenity. We also work with the recovery of the soul, the cleansing of curses and the annulment of covenants, promises and oaths.

Since 2007 we have been holding this “Encounter with the Soul’s light” in Ca Fuster, a typical Eivissan house located two hundred meters from the village of Sant Joan de Labritja. The house consists of only nine rooms with all the necessary comfort which ensures the absolute privacy of work. In addition to the swimming pool, the estate has 60,000 m2 of land planted with almond trees, centuries-old olive trees and other fruit trees. The best beaches in the north of Ibiza are just fifteen minutes from the site which allows us to work also by the sea.

Given the characteristics of this workshop the maximum contingent is twelve people and I can only carry out one per year, always in the last week of October.

I look forward to seeing you in October because together we are going to meet the soul’s light.

Link to the general description of the workshop on the original website:

Post English translation: Núria Comas Viladrich.

Diploma «Past lives Therapy» Crash Course.

Diploma «Past lives Therapy» Crash Course.

TVP Intensive. LRP Banner.

Dear friends:

I wish you and your families a very healthy, prosperous and loving year.

In 2021 we will surely continue with the care of this new reality, although this does not mean leaving our lives on standby and in this coming event, we will start a new training group of Past Lives Therapists.

It is not yet possible to offer this training as 100% distance learning

This is due to the fact that at the time of starting internships between peers, it is necessary to supervise each couple in order to, when necessary, support those who practice the role of a therapist at the time, with the objective of achieve a complete and effective therapeutic work on those who play the patient role.

Soul Trapping-Regression Therapy –PLT–.

It is a holistic psychotherapeutic technique that uses memory as a coping tool and encompasses the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions of the human being.

Our binding memories deprive us from this present life by manifesting as physical symptoms, distorting our relationships and trapping our souls in traumatic situations of this present life either during birth, early childhood or even from past lives, and play a very significant role in the gestation of our affective, relational, and physical suffering.

How to get rid of all of these? PLT has the answer.

With this technique, the person revives significant and traumatic events from the past; whether from the early years of this life, birth, intrauterine stage, or past lives. It is the emotional charge of these episodes that still remains active and influences today’s life, causing physical or emotional pain, blockages, anxiety, panic, phobias…

This therapy stands out due to the depth of its approach. By re-experiencing the traumatic event, the trapped energy is released producing a far-reaching therapeutic effect, and the subject can move forward with a firm step towards his or her life purpose, in the present life.

Learning how to heal from own experience.

This education aims to train you as a Past Lives Therapist.

However, it is necessary to first detect our own blind spots where we all are trapped. We can not help others to heal if we don’t heal ourselves first; because the patient can only reach as far as the therapist has come.

This personal enrichment is given through demonstrative regressions carried out by Lili Bosnic on each of the participants and then in practice among peers.

During training all energies are concentrated on learning, practice and the inner process of each individual.

It is a unique experience of learning and inner work at the same time, no participant completes the education being the same individual as before start.

Responsible commitment is required in order to attend all modules of the education, because if you miss a module you don’t only lose part of your training but also affects the whole group, since internships are in pairs.

Crash course.

This crash course is aimed at people who come, in general, from the different states of Mexico and from abroad and as in the 2020 edition, there will be 2 modules instead of 3.

The modules will be held at Tapalehui, at the Center for Human Development facilities, located in Xoxocotla, Morelos, Mexico.

In the first instance it is the responsibility of everyone to arrive in perfect health.

The site where our souls will be allowed to heal traumatic trappings is located in the middle of a hill, surrounded by lots of greenery, a stream and where there are no contagions due to being located away from agglomerations.

The group will be limited to a maximum of 12 participants in order to allow a closer relationship with each of the integrating members, the work room is spacious and although the rooms are shared, they have plenty of room..

Our catering will be prepared on a daily basis with local vegetables and fruits from the community, fresh natural waters… all very homemade and with an exquisite flavor.

Course Syllabus

  • Participants introduction.

  • Past Lives Therapy Introduction.

  • Foundational Principles.

  • Timeless soul dimension and its therapeutic implications.

  • Consciousness trapping.

  • Symptoms and responsable experience.

  • Expanded states of consciousness.

  • Relaxation induction techniques.

  • Regression basic technique and its varieties.

  • The first witness: Anamnesis in PLT.

  • Therapeutic work of past lives experiences.

  • Death and the space between lives.

  • Fetal life and birth.

  • Childhood traumatic experiences.

  • Clinic symptoms induced by energies from other dimensions.

  • Therapeutic work with lost souls.

  • Handling of energies and psychic work.

  • Deals, promises, oaths and curses.

  • Soul fragmentation and recovery.

  • Alien abduction syndrome.

  • Clinic manifestations and sequels work in abducted subjects.

  • Energetic strings rupture.

  • Culmination of monitoring practices

  • Supervision and final evaluation among the participants.

  • Course closure and certificate delivery.


  • First module: 23rd to 27th August 2021.

  • Second module: 8th to 12th November 2021.

The meeting point is scheduled for Monday, August 23rd at 1 pm in Vila Coapa, south of Mexico City.

The return will be on Monday, August 30th, leaving Tapalehui around 3 p.m.


Fee: $ 30.500,00 / 1.520 USD.


  • 10 days of intensive training and personal growth.

  • 8 nights accommodation in a shared room

  • Breakfasts, snacks , meals, dinners.

  • Round trip transportation from the meeting point, south of Mexico City, to Tapalehui.

  • Diploma certificate.

T/C with additional 4%.

Tips not included.

Required mandatory readings:

  • Terapia de Vidas Pasadas, técnica y práctica. (Teràpia de Vides Passades, tècnica i pràctica. Author: Doctor José Luis Cabouli.

  • La vida antes de nacer (La vida abans de néixer). Author: Doctor José Luis Cabouli.

  • Terapia de la posesión espiritual. (Teràpia de la possessió espiritual). Author: Doctor José Luis Cabouli.

Books are available in the following store:

Final evaluation.

To obtain the Certificate that qualifies as a Past Lives Therapist the following requirements must be meet:

  • Have attended 9 out of the10 monthly modules and the 2 intensive modules.

  • Perform at least 10 regressions of practice as a patient and 10 regressions as a therapist with classmates, within the practices of the Diploma.

  • Perform the practice tasks suggested by the Teacher, outside the Diploma.

  • Have paid the entire Diploma fee

  • Demonstrate, through peer practice, understanding and good use of the technique.

Admission and i requirements.

This training is aimed primarily at psychologists, doctors and therapists from other unconventional disciplines and there are no formal curricular requirements for taking the Diploma.


Since there is limited number of participants per course, we ask you to proceed as follows:

Please write to expressing your interest in receiving PLT training in the chosen mode (monthly or 2 modules with internship) and form of payment.

Prior to registration an appointment with Lili Bosnic is required which can be in person, by WS or Skype.

Complete and submit the registration form for:

Registration Form.

Trust, your soul knows… colibrí.

Timetable: Please check on the information


First week from 23rd to 27th of August 2021.

Second week from 8th to 12th of November 2021.

Location: Tapalehui, Center of Human Development in Xoxocotla, Morelos, Mèxico.

Hand sheet: Download in Spanish language

Link to the original entry in Spanish language:

Post English translation: Núria Comas Viladrich.