Doctor José Luís Cabouli conference: «Life before birth». El Soleràs, 29-8-2020.

Doctor José Luís Cabouli conference: «Life before birth». El Soleràs, 29-8-2020.

Speaker: Doctor in Medicine and Surgery José Luís Cabouli. Speakers: Dolors Preixens, President of ELAIA Women’s Association; Cristina Prunera, Secretary of ELAIA Women’s Association and the Most Illustrious Mr. Jordi Sarlé Marfull, Mayor of Soleràs. Event date: Saturday, August 29, 2020. Filming and editing: Manuel Marsan. YouTube posing date: Monday, September 9, 2020. Duration: 1 hour, 54 minutes and 15 seconds. Language: Spanish and interventions in Catalan.

Acknowledgments, apologies and explanation.

Last Saturday, September 29, 2020, the conference of the Doctor of Medicine and Surgery José Luís Cabouli entitled «La vida antes de nacer» («Life before birth») was held in the Sala Polivalent of Soleràs, in Les Garrigues, on Past Lives Therapy (PLT) applied to incidents in the conception, gestation and birth phases. The call was a success, with about 110-111 attendees of which about 80 came from outside the municipality.

First of all, we would like to thank for its collaboration to Soleràs’ Cultural Women Association ELAIA, which successfully engaged in the organization of this event. Also to the City Council of the same locality, which facilitated the premises for its realization.

Our acknowledgements to the speaker for displacing on his own from Blanes to a small town with a census of 350 inhabitants one Saturday after a considerable drop in temperatures took place. Due to this circumstance, some of the attendees already showed up with a cold.

Thanks to Concepció and Teresa Grau from the Grabert store of Avinguda de Blondel 74 in Lleida, for sending us a batch of Doctor Caboui’s books. Thus, some attendees were able to purchase them and receive a dedication from the author. The two of them remained inside the premises until the end, despite having an scheduled appointment right after.

Many thanks to the ecological farmer and founder of Dolça Revolució de les Plantes Medicinals (Sweet Revolution of Medicinal Plants) Josep Pàmies, who honored us with his presence in the company of his wife and participated in the event with his inquiries. Our gratitude too to all the people who attended.

We also like to thank the Deputy Mayor of Soleràs, Manuel Marsan, for editing this video and overcoming the technical difficulties.

On the other hand, we apologize because due to the requirements imposed upon the celebration of the event, it had been necessary to implement the use of face masks and physical distance among the attendees, measures even more uncomfortable for those women attending having been concerned about their own pregnancy. We needed to have the event authorized and until the moment of its celebration, we were uncertain about the government approval and about a new opportunity to organise another event in the western catalan lands region in the following days.

We know that some experts in science and medicine, backed up by relevant arguments, have questioned the need for such control measures. On the other hand, there is a peremptory need to publicize publicly and presentially the Past Lives Therapy (PLT) and the Therapy of Spiritual Possession (TSP) in the face of the enormous samples of accumulated human suffering that we calculate that have yet to be resolved amongst all the incarnated and disembodied souls produced along the history of humanity, which requires of the knowledge of the whole population without further delay.

Brauli Tamarit Tamarit. Event Facilitator.
Post English translation: Núria Comas Viladrich.

Conference «Life before birth» with Dr. Cabouli, 29-8-2020.

Conference «Life before birth» with Dr. Cabouli, 29-8-2020.

Elaia. Associació Cultural de Dones del Soleràs (Elaia. Soleràs Women’s Cultural Association).Elaia. Associació Cultural de Dones del Soleràs. (Elaia. Soleràs Women’s Cultural Association).

Conference: Saturday, August 29th at 19h30’ in Soleràs multipurpose hall.

«Life before birth»

Doctor José Luís Cabouli.One of the most fascinating periods of our personal history.

Taught by Doctor José Luís Cabouli, 33 years of experience in Past Lives Therapy (PLT) and author of 7 books.

Doctor Cabouli will share his clinical experience in intrauterine life works within the framework of Past Lives Therapy.

Doctor José Luis Cabouli graduated as a physician from the University of Buenos Aires in 1974, first training as a surgeon. In 1988 he left the practice of surgery to devote himself exclusively to the development and practice of Past Lives Therapy (PLT). PLT is a therapeutic technique that involves bringing up to our consciousness the unresolved traumas hidden in the unconscious mind, where many of the emotional conflicts that disturb our everyday life have their origin. These traumas could have their origin on previous lives experiences, the intrauterine life, birth, as well as on the first childhood and later ages of the present life.

In this lecture Doctor Cabouli will refer in particular to the «Life before Birth». This is one of the most fascinating periods in our personal history. In the womb the baby can perceive the emotional states and conflicts of the mother and her surrounding family environment and react to it. In the face of rejection, aggression or indifference, the baby may react with helplessness, guilt or panic, among other emotions, thus giving rise to patterns of behavior and emotional conflicts that will manifest later in life as an adult. Additionally, the developing baby is a consciousness of its own and bears its own personality and the memory of its previous experiences, which will be erased from the conscious memory at the moment of birth.

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All books have been edited by «Ediciones Continente».

Post English translation: Núria Comas Viladrich.