Understanding through experience, by Doctor Brian Weiss, in Esperanto

Understanding through experience, by Doctor Brian Weiss, in Esperanto

Animated Esperanto flag.We make known to internauts that we have now available in Esperanto the document titled Understanding through experience, by Doctor Brian Weiss.

This document is the result of the research made by Doctor Brian Weiss after he helped his first patient, Catherine, to solve a trauma of her soul’s past, with the Past Lives Therapy.

Doctor Ludwik Lejzer Zamenhof.Doctor Weiss wonders how is it possible that he had to admit the reality of reincarnation to be able to help this patient to heal, while the established dogmas of the three main monotheistic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) do not accept officially this reality.

We are grateful to Alfons Tur García, who is the author of the translation of the text into the international language designed by Doctor Ludwik Zamenhof.

Team of the website “En cos i ànima.
Saturday, 17th July 2021.
Post English translation: Loto Perrella.

Hereafter the link to the interview available in Esperanto:

Survoje al ekkompreno pere de la sperto (Understanding through experience).
La D-ro en psikiatrio Brian Weiss rakontas pri siaj komencaj enketoj en la traserĉo de referencoj pri la reenkarniĝo post la unuaj paŝoj en la tekniko de terapio de Pasintaj Vivoj (…).
D-ro Brian Weiss. Throug Time into Healing (Tra la tempo en la kuracado).
Tradukis: Alfons Tur García.