Fourth intensive online training course in past lives therapy with Doctor José Luis Cabouli.

Fourth intensive online training course in past lives therapy with Doctor José Luis Cabouli.

Intensive training course in past lives therapy.

65th training course.

By Doctor José Luis Cabouli and team: Clara Hoyos, Marcia Mandrile and Patricia Pareja Canales.

Reporting and registration:

Clara Hoyos López

Training recognized by the Argentine Association of Past Life Therapy (AATVP) and approved by the Spanish Association of Regression Therapy (AETR).

This training adheres to and complies with the AETR Code of Ethics.

Note: From 2023 the intensive training course will be taught exclusively online, via Zoom.

The intensive course is given in three modules of nine days each, with a rest day on the fifth day. The total course time exceeds 180 hours, which allows the theoretical syllabus to be comprehensively developed in full and to carry out the training with the best qualifications.

In the face-to-face modality, we had thus successfully implemented the training of professionals in Argentina, Canada, Spain, Mexico and Venezuela. In 2020 we started online training.

The interval between each module is approximately six months.

All energies are concentrated on the learning, practices and inner process of each participant.

This is a full immersion course in past lives regression therapy. Learning is mainly done by experience. The attending professionals work alternately as a patient and as a therapist with the regression technique with their fellow students. This involves diving into the depths of our inner world because we work with the emotional contents of each one. No one finishes the course the way they started it. Beyond learning the technique, it is a transcendental and renewing experience.

To obtain the final certificate each participant must complete the three modules and perform at least twelve regressions as a therapist and twelve regressions as a patient. These regressions are carried out within the practices of each module. The participants are assisted in their practices by supervisors trained by Doctor Cabouli.

The course is aimed at health professionals and other disciplines interested in this subject and open to all those who seek to deepen their inner development.

The basic syllabus per module is as follows. However, over the years other subjects have been added, which is why an extra day was added to the original training schedule.

First module

First module starting dates: from Saturday 4 to Sunday 12 May 2024.

  • Presentation of the participants.

  • Introduction to Past Lives Therapy (PLT).

  • Fundamental principles and current approach to PLT.

  • The timeless dimension of the soul and its therapeutic implications.

  • The entrapment of consciousness.

  • Therapeutic concept of karma.

  • Responsible symptom and experience.

  • Basic regression technique and its variants.

  • The first interview: PLT history.

  • How the regression session is conducted.

  • Therapeutic work of traumatic experiences in previous lives.

  • The experience of death and the space between lives.

  • Life before birth: conception, fetal life and birth.

  • Traumatic experiences in childhood.

  • Monitored regression practices among participants.

Second module

2nd Module: November 2024.

  • Reunion of the participating group.

  • Evaluation of the experiences lived by the participants after the first module.

  • Spiritual influence and its clinical manifestations.

  • Lost Souls: Introduction and Concept; predisposing factors.

  • Action and recognition of the different varieties of lost souls.

  • Therapeutic work with lost souls.

  • Covenants, promises, oaths and curses.

  • Fragmentation and recovery of the soul.

  • Continuation of monitored practices.

  • Supervision.

Third module.

3rd Module: May 2025.

  • Reunion of the participating group.

  • Discussion of difficulties and doubts arising in private consultations of the participants.

  • Review of the technique of therapeutic work in PLT.

  • Alien abduction syndrome; introduction and background.

  • Clinical manifestations.

  • When to suspect; how to work

  • Therapeutic work in abductees.

  • Cutting of energetic strings.

  • Completion of supervised practices.

  • Supervision and final evaluation.

  • Closure of the course and delivery of certificates.

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Fourth intensive online training course in past lives therapy with Doctor José Luis Cabouli.

The scientific evidence that reincarnation exists. “Nude Project” interview with Doctor Manuel Sans Segarra.

The scientific evidence that reincarnation exists. “Nude Project interview with Doctor Manuel Sans Segarra.

YouTube” user profile: NUDE PROJECT. Date of upload on “YouTube: Sunday, March 3, 2024. Duration: 1 hour, 33 minutes and 7 seconds. Language: Spanish.

Doctor Manel Sans Segarra visits the Nude Project podcast to describe his greatest discovery during his last years as a surgeon: Near Death Experiences (NDEs). After performing life-and-death operations to his patients, those told him of seeing the state in the afterlife… Which awakened his passion to scientifically answer many questions. Does another dimension exist? Who created the universe? Do humans reincarnate?

Clarification: Astronomer Edwin Hubble lived between 1889 and 1953.

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Interview with Doctor Michael Newton for Wisdom Magazine in Romanian language.

Interview with Doctor Michael Newton for Wisdom Magazine in Romanian language.

Animated Romanian flag.We are glad to inform you that Romanian language readers already have available in this language the interview given by Doctor Michael Newton and conducted by Mary Arsenault for Wisdom Magazine.

Widsom Magazine. Logo.We thank Govor Marian Cosmin for the translation work, which allows us to expand the knowledge about this regression therapist specialized in the period between two lives.

In body and soul” Website’s team.
Monday March 11, 2024.
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Mintea: un interviu cu Dr. Michael Newton, de Mary Arsenault (The Mind: An interview with Doctor Michael Newton, by Mary Arsenault).
Widsom Magazine (Revista Wisdom). Miercuri, 1 decembrie 2004.
În 1994, viața așa cum o știm, cu toate întrebările sale chinuitoare despre motivul pentru care suntem aici și unde ne îndreptăm, a luat sfârșit odată cu publicarea cărții Călătoria sufletelor a doctorului Michael Newton. În această carte (…).
Traducere: Govor Marian Cosmin.