Transfer of the “In body and soul” web.

Transfer of the “In body and soul” web.

As of March 2023 we have transferred the “In body and soul” web because of a technical problem.

The working multilanguage size of their “WordPress” was no longer held by its developers and it did not allow the introduction of more contents in some languages which might be translated in future. It was then necessary to increase the web size by moving to a new one which could be kept updated.

In order to save programming costs, we transferred by hand over nine hundred fifty links to pages and entries, besides achieving the translation of the present pages into German, among other translations already made.

The appearance of our web page has not changed much, because we want it to be easy to use. The menu has inside some sections to unfold. If we have a small screen, on pressing the “Menu” button the paragraphs contained will appear. If we have a large screen, the menu will be seen in the upper part of the screen.

All the posts, even the oldest ones, are available in Catalan, Spanish and English. If the post mentions the translation of a page to a language or languages other than Catalan, Spanish or English, it will also be available in the languages of the new pages. Previously you could see the flags of all the languages in the web page, and you could get into an empty page or post. Now you can only see the flags of the pages and the posts which have their counterpart of the one we are looking at.

We give thanks, for assisting us in this transfer, both to Daniel Monte, the computer expert from, and to the whole team from Pangea Internet Solidari. Thanks are also given to all those who have participated or are participating in the translations. Finally, we give thanks to those who have shared their experiences, which helps us, among other things, to know reincarnation through the cases submitted, to heal painful experiences which may come, or not, from previous lives, and to help the disembodied beings to find their way.

Team of the “In body and soul” web site.
Monday, 4th December, 2023.
Translation: Loto Perrella.