II International Symposium of Regression Therapy. A posteriori Registration.

II International Symposium of Regression Therapy. A posteriori Registration.

and III Congress of the Asociación Española de Terapia Regresiva (AETR) 2022.

A posteriori registration.

(For persons who have not enrolled previously. It will allow seeing the videos registered during the Symposium).

Dear Lecturers and Members of the audience which we have just carried out,

I wish to thank in the name of AETR the lecturers which so liberally have contributed with their work to this Symposium taking place.

They have been:

  • Dr. José Luis Cabouli.

  • Andy Tomlinson, B.A.

  • Marion Boon, B.A.

  • Dr. Juan José López Martínez.

  • Carlos González Delgado, B.A.

  • Jorge Luis Micheli, B.A.

  • Leopoldo Ceballos del Castillo, B.A.

  • Dr. Sonia Andrés Espallardo.

  • Heike Bettendorf, B.A.

  • Dr. Laura Cristina Mejía.

  • Therapist Jusús María Carrizo.

I also wish to thank all the persons who have enrolled for their generous donations, thanks to which it has been possible for this event to take place.

We open now a new period so that those persons who were not able to enrol to the Symposium may now do so, so as to be able to see the videos which were registered during the event.


AETR is a non-profit Association which is supported by the fees paid by its members, for this reason we ask all the persons who decide to enrol a posteriori, in order to see all the videos registered during the Symposium, to make a responsible donation to allow us to face the expenses which go with the celebration of such activities and in order to carry on with our Association’s mission.

Both those who enrolled before the Symposium and those who decide to enrol later, will receive within the next few days a private link to YouTube which will allow them to watch all the videos.

Should there be any difficulty, please get in touch with the person in charge of Technological matters, Mr. José Antonio Delgado, at the following address:

jadelcueA que dansa.gmail.com

If you want to help and transmit this information to interested persons, please send the following image through WhatsApp or through your social network:

II International Symposium on Regressive Therapy. Post registration. Sign.


with our best regards and the greatest Blessings of Life.

Malaga, Saturday, July 2nd, 2022.

Carlos González Delgado.
President of Asociación Española de Terapia Regresiva (AETR).

Your may see the interview granted by Carlos González Delgado to Mónica López for the programme Mijas Hoy:

Interview with Mónica López of Mijas Today to Carlos González Delgado presenting the Second International Symposium on Regressive Therapy. Odyssee.


Interview by Mónica López for the programme “Mijas Hoy” to psychologist Carlos González Delgado on occasion of the third gathering of the Asociación Española de Terapia Regresiva (AETR) and the Second International Symposium of Regression Therapy, held on the 24th, 25th, and 26th June 2022. It also introduces the new book “El alma sin velo”, the first to be published by AETR.

Speakers: Mónica López and Carlos González Delgado. Time 13 minutes 2 seconds. Language: Spanish.

Link to the original programme:


Link to unload video of the interview:


Link to send donations for the holding of this and other similar events:


Understanding through experience in Portuguese.

Understanding through experience in Portuguese.

Animated Portuguese flag.We inform you that the document called Understanding through experience, by Doctor Brian Weiss, is already available in Portuguese. We thank interpreter Marisabel Tropea for her correction help.

Team of the “In body and soulweb.
Thursday, July 28, 2011.
Post English translation: Loto Perrella.

Link to the Portuguese text:

A compreensão através da experiência (Understanding through experience).
O Doutor em Psiquiatria Brian Weiss relata suas investigações iniciais em busca de referências sobre a reencarnação após seus primeiros passos com a técnica da terapia de vidas passadas.
Doutor Brian Weiss. O Passado Cura. A Terapia Através de Vidas Passadas. Editora Pergaminho, 1999.
Correção em relação à versão original em inglês: Marisabel Tropea.

Nobody dies alone.

Nobody dies alone.


Christian Argüello Gómez interviews Doctor Juan José López Martínez.

Doctor Juan José López Martínez is a graduated in medicine and surgery by the Murcia University in 1986. Qualified in emergencies and disasters medicine by the Valencia University, by the Lille University in France and by the Counsel of Europe in Italy. Member of the Sociedad Española de Medicina de Emergencias (S.E.M.E.S.), he holds a Master’s degree in Social and Health Services Management.

Note by Christian Argüello Gómez: If you wish to receive invitations for all our programmes, you may write us through Telegram or Whatsapp to +573163022957, so that you may receive reminders of all our programmes.

Profile in Youtube: Christian Argüella Gómez. Date of publication in Youtube: Sunday, May 22nd, 2022. Duration: 1 hour 22 minutes 12 seconds. Language: Spanish.

Post English translation: Loto Perrella.

Good books on Regression Therapy from Malaga.

Good books on Regression Therapy from Malaga.

Presentation of the books “Basic Regression Therapy” and “The soul without veil”, with Carlos González Delgado.


Speaking Carlos González Delgado, Psychiatrist Member Nr. AO-11251.

Therapist and profesor of Regression Therapy, Founder of the Atma Centre at Málaga (Andalusia, Spain). President of AETR.

Carlos González Delgado. «Terapia Regresiva Básica» ("Basic Regression Therapy"). Cover.

Introducing the book «Terapia Regresiva Básica» (Basic Regression Therapy), with foreword by Dr. José Luis Cabouli. Author: Carlos González Delgado. Publisher: Círculo Rojo (Spain).

266 pages, 10 chapters, 6 of them being introductory, 4 literal transcripts with comments and explanations.

Personal methodology from the point of view of psychology and the psychotherapy of the soul.

«El alma sin velo» (“The soul without veil”). Asociación Española de Terapia Regresiva (AETR) [Spanish Association of Regressive Therapy]. Cover.

He also introduces the book «El alma sin velo» (The soul without veil). First book published by the Asociación Española de Terapia Regresiva (AETR) [Spanish Association of Regressive Therapy].

318 pages, 15 chapters, 12 co-authors. 14 literal transcripts. Comments by the therapists and actual evidence of the consultants.

Information and orders through any of the co-authors, in bookshops and companies such as cclibros and Amazon.

Orders to Carlos González:

Ohone & WhatsApp:

(+34) 616468958


centro.atma.cartamaA que dansa.gmail.com

Present prices:

Terapia Regresiva Básica (15 €)

El alma sin velo (18 €)

Buying the two books together there are no shipping costs within Spain.

Eternal blessings.

Link to the original message:


Publication profile in Facebook: Carlos González Delgado. Date of publication in Facebook: Thursday 16th June at 4.10 p.m.

Length of video: 3 minutes 30 seconds. Language: Spanish.

Post English translation: Loto Perrella.

Cristina’s evidence in Basque language

Cristina’s evidence in Basque language

Animated Basque flag.This is to let you know that that the Basque readers may now find in their own language Cristina’s Evidence, by Doctor José Luis Cabouli. Remember it is about a patient who found her progress in life was blocked. In her regression she remembers that in a previous life she had been a man who had made a pact with darkness.

Doctor Cabouli’s protocol, carried out together with his patient, helps the breaking off of this bond in order to be able to carry on with one’s life. According to Doctor Cabouli’s evidence, this blockage can be found in a high number of patients. We are grateful to Iraide López de Gereñu for her translation, and to Doctor Cabouli for his help for making available this version of this case.

Team of “In body and soul“.
Saturday, July 2, 2022.
Post English translation: Loto Perrella.

Link of this case in Basque translation:

Kristinaren Testigantza. Iluntasunarekin itun bat (Testimony of Cristina. A pact with darkness).
Istorio honetan Kristina izena hartzen duen pazienteak, hainbat blokeo jasaten ditu bere egungo bizitzan bere helburuak bete ahal izateko. Terapeutaren laguntzaz, sintoma hauek sortu zituen iraganeko bizitza bat ikusarazten du, gizon bat izanik, boterea eta onarpen soziala lortu ahal izateko iluntasunarekin ituna egiten zuenean, sekta bateko kide bezala. Kristinak, terapeutak lagundurik, mugatzen duen ituna desegin dezake, egindako okerrak sendatu eta bere bizitza mugatzen zuten blokeoak konponduz.
Jose Luis Cabouli Doktorea.
Atrapamiento y recuperación del alma. Terapia de vidas pasadas: Un nuevo paradigma (Arimaren harrapate bidea eta berreskuraketa. Iraganeko bizitzen terapia: paradigma berri bat). Continente Edizioak. 123tik 134ra bitarteko orrialdeak.
Itzulpena: Iraide López de Gereñu.