Doctor Michael Newton Bibliography. En

Doctor Michael Newton Bibliography.

Doctor Michael Newton. Journey of Souls. Cover. English.Journey of Souls. 1994.

Why are you here on Earth? Where will you go after death? What will happen to you when you get there? Many books have been written about past lives, but there has been very scant information about the ongoing existence of our souls as we await rebirth – until Journey of Souls was published in 1994 –. Now a best-selling classic, Journey of Souls summarizes Dr. Michael Newton’s research and work with individuals whom he placed in a state of deep hypnosis during which they recalled their experiences between lives as eternal spirits.

When Dr. Newton, a certified Master Hypnotherapist, began regressing his clients back in time to access their memories of former lives he stumbled onto a discovery of enormous proportions: that it is possible to «see» into the spirit world through the mind’s eye of subjects who are in a hypnotized or superconscious state. Moreover, clients in this altered state are able to describe what their soul was doing between lives on Earth.

In Journey of Souls, Dr. Newton narrates and comments upon the progressive «travel log» of 29 of his clients who movingly described what happened to them between their former reincarnations on earth. They revealed graphic details about how it feels to die, who meets us right after death, what the spirit world is really like, where we go and what we do as souls, and why we choose to come back in certain bodies.

Finding one’s place in the spirit world initiates a deep process of healing for it provides understanding of the purpose behind significant life choices, and how and why your soul – and the souls of those you love – lives eternally. After reading Journey of Souls, you will gain a better understanding of the immortality of the human soul… and you will meet day-to-day personal challenges with a greater sense of purpose as you begin to understand the reasons behind events in your own life.

Table of Contents:

  • Death and Departure.

  • Gateway to the Spirit World.

  • Homecoming.

  • The Displaced Soul.

  • Orientation.

  • Transition.

  • Placement.

  • Our Guides.

  • The Beginner Soul.

  • The Intermediate Soul.

  • The Advanced Soul.

  • Life Selection.

  • Choosing a New Body.

  • Preparation for Embarkation.

  • Rebirth.

Doctor Michael Newton. Destiny of Souls. Cover. English.Destiny of Souls. 2000.

Dr. Michael Newton’s second book, Destiny of Souls, was awarded «Metaphysical Book of the Year» in 2001 by the independent publishers association at their annual Book Exposition of America Meeting. Based upon his groundbreaking research into the afterlife, Dr. Newton wrote Destiny of Souls for first-time venturers into the subject and for readers of his best-selling first volume, Journey of Souls.

When Dr. Newton, a certified Master Hypnotherapist, began regressing his clients back in time to access their memories of former lives he stumbled onto a discovery of enormous proportions: that it is possible to «see» into the spirit world through the mind’s eye of subjects who are in a hypnotized or superconscious state. Moreover, clients in this altered state are able to describe what their soul was doing between lives on Earth. He has written that:

«Journey of Souls was my first pilgrimage with my clients through the spirit world on the great river of eternity. Destiny of Souls will take you on a second expedition into the wonders of the spirit world along the same river, with side trips up major tributaries. Our exploration will uncover more of the hidden aspects of the route taken after death and expand your understanding of the incredible sense of order within the afterlife.»

Journey of Souls presented the afterlife in a tight, orderly progression of events. It addressed what it is like to die and cross over – who meets us, where we go, and what we do as souls in the spirit world before choosing our next body for reincarnation. Destiny of Souls uncovers more of the hidden aspects of the route to give people a greater perspective of the whole. The book is organized by topical categories rather than by progressive time and location, highlighting the recollections of 67 people who articulately described their perceptions while undergoing a Spiritual Regression session with Dr. Newton. By the time Destiny of Souls was published in the year 2000, Dr. Newton had spiritually regressed over 7,000 individuals into a deep state of trance during which they recalled and described their experiences between lives as eternal spirits.

Table of Contents:

  1. The Spirit World.

  2. Death, Grief and Comfort.

    • Denial and Acceptance.

    • Therapeutic Techniques of Souls.

    • Ways Spirits Connect with the Living.

    • Strangers as Messengers.

    • Angels or Other Heavenly Hosts.

    • Emotional Recovery of Souls and Survivors.

    • Reuniting with Those We Love.

  1. Earthly Spirits.

    • Astral Planes.

    • Nature Spirits.

    • Ghosts.

    • Souls in Seclusion.

    • Discarnates Who Visit Earth.

    • Demons or Devas.

  1. Spiritual Energy Restoration.

    • Soul Energy.

    • Standard Treatment at the Gateway.

    • Emergency Treatment at the Gateway.

    • Recovery Areas for the Less Damaged Soul.

    • Regenerating Severely Damaged Souls.

    • Souls of Solitude.

    • Energy Healing on Earth.

    • Soul Division and Reunification.

  1. Soul Group Systems.

    • Soul Birthing.

    • Spiritual Settings.

    • Colors of Spirits.

    • Sounds and Spiritual Names.

    • Soul Study Groups.

  1. The Council of Elders.

    • Human Fear of Judgment and Punishment.

    • The Setting for Soul Evaluation.

    • Appearance and Composition of the Council.

    • Signs and Symbols.

    • The Presence.

    • The Chain of Divine Influence.

    • Processing Council Meetings.

  1. Community Dynamics.

    • Soulmates.

    • Linkages Between Spiritual and Human Families.

    • Reuniting with Souls Who Have Hurt Us.

    • Interaction Between Soul Groups.

    • Recreational Activities in the Spirit World.

  1. The Advancing Soul.

    • Graduation.

    • Movement to the Intermediate Levels.

    • Specialization.

  1. The Ring of Destiny.

    • The Screening Room of Future Lives.

    • Timelines and Body Choices.

    • Timemasters of Free Will.

    • Souls of the Young.

  1. Our Spiritual Path.

Doctor Michael Newton. Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy. Cover. English.Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy. 2004.

Life Between Lives is a way of describing the state in the afterlife between incarnations. Dr Michael Newton first discovered Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy when regressing a client who had expressed her loneliness in this life and wanted to have answers as to why she felt this way. Michael gave a simple command in hypnosis and the client unexpectedly connected with her memories of life as a soul.

This was a surprising turn of events and as his client began to see what was going on around her (in the memory she had connected with) she was able to distinguish her soul friends and family who were waiting for her in the spirit world. She was able, with Dr Newton’s help, to find out why she was having a lonely existence on earth – her soul friends were not with her during this incarnation –. It transpired that this decision was planned by her (and her guide) to help her learn how to become more independent and learn to cope with earth’s challenges without the support of her soul companions.

This experience lead Dr Newton to undertake extensive research into the Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy. He soon realized that deep within we carry the memories of our lives as souls, the Life Between Lives, but that accessing these memories would require a deep level of trance and great technical expertise on the part of the hypnotherapist that could only be achieved with a high level of skill, an extensively developed technique and the use of key hypnotic processes.

Dr Newton regressed over 7000 clients to the Life Between Lives state during his career and has written three bestselling books which have given the public an understanding of the spirit world never before seen in print. The great strength of the books is that they are based on the experiences of many, many individuals, from all walks of life and so provide a model of the spirit world which has real authority.

Doctor Michael Newton. Memories of the Afterlife. Cover. English.Memories of the Afterlife. 2009.

Edited by Dr Michael Newton with Case Studies by Members of TNI.

Memories of the Afterlife is the fourth book to focus on Dr. Michael Newton’s work in Life Between Lives (LBL) hypnotic regression and it is one with a very different style from its predecessors. While Dr. Newton is the editor, there are thirty-two individual authors who are certified Life Between Lives hypnotherapists from The Newton Institute, trained in Dr. Newton’s methodology, each of whom has selected an actual case history from their files. Each case in Memories of the Afterlife represents one chapter in the book.

Dr. Newton’s first three books described his own research into the spirit world involving the spiritual journeys of thousands of clients over many years. They have sold over a million copies. His goal was to give the public an understanding of the afterlife in great detail. His mission in providing a model of the spirit world was to empower people from all walks of life, whatever their spirit persuasion, by this knowledge and this is the mission of the institute he founded. The great strength of his work is the discovery that all sacred spiritual information exists in the mind of every person and when accessed will bring both purpose and peace to people struggling to make their place on this difficult planet.

Memories of the Afterlife is a fascinating study of thirty-two ordinary people seeking a personalized spiritual experience of their own without religious intermediaries. As the chapters unfold and each individual story develops, readers are drawn into a broad spectrum of the lives, experiences and emotions of each client. The cases begin by summarizing the client’s reasons for seeking spiritual regression. Readers are clearly shown how personal issues can be uncovered and resolved through the Life Between Lives process.

What is especially unique about Memories of the Afterlife is that the detail of each afterlife experience is described in its various stages in a condensed, rapidly flowing fashion. Why seek Life Between Lives in the first place? What happened during the session with key information learned about the individual regarding their soul? What questions were asked and which issues were highlighted in the case? And, most particularly, how has each session answered troubling questions and transformed the life of the client? The major objective of Memories of the Afterlife was to expose the specific benefits derived by each client after uncovering their deep-seated soul memories. Spiritual regression can lead to illumination of one’s soul and thus foster healing of current life issues The phenomenal sales of Memories of the Afterlife in just a short time has already demonstrated the book has successfully achieved intended goals.

In 2002, Dr. Newton founded the first international organization committed primarily to Life Between Lives hypnotherapy and served as the first President. The Newton Institute is dedicated to raising questions about the spirit world and in particular training highly qualified hypnotherapist to facilitate the demanding between lives work necessary. After our authors and their cases were selected for Memories of the Afterlife, Dr. Newton wrote the Introduction to the book in order to assist readers in understanding the universal background of the cases presented.

Each of the thirty-two cases has the written permission of the clients concerned. In concert with his authors and two regional editors, Dr. Newton has edited every chapter in order to create a uniform style that is clear, information-rich and enjoyable to read. For those readers who wish to cross reference this book on any particular subject with his other books, Dr. Newton has also added detailed footnotes at the end of each case that expand upon the concepts being discussed.

The result is a fascinating and enthralling book, which reveals with clarity LBL’s potential for personal transformation. It is written in a style that is equally accessible to other hypnosis practitioners and those who are hungry to discover their own personal soul identity.