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Many Lives, Many Masters with Dr. Brian Weiss
Join Dr. Brian Weiss in Philadelphia, PA
Saturday, April 4, 2020
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How would your life be different if you experienced less fear and anxiety? If you had a stronger understanding of who you are—and who you’ve always been?

30 years ago, Dr. Brian Weiss astonished the world of psychiatry with the theories of past-life regression therapy detailed in his best-selling book: Many Lives, Many Masters.

Today, Dr. Weiss remains the nation’s foremost expert in this field, and this April, he is bringing his intensive Many Lives, Many Masters workshop to Philadelphia, PA!

This can’t-miss workshop explores the latest in hypnotic regression therapy, including a series of group past-life regression exercises, healing visualizations, and right brain training.

Dr. Weiss will teach you what he has learned in his decades-long career and usher you into a new understanding of yourself.

When we discuss what happens before we are born, after we die, and our possible future lives—we overcome the limitations set by our past conditioning and release our deep-rooted anxieties and fears.

On this incredible psycho-spiritual journey, you’ll explore the limitless boundaries of the mind and soul—as well as:

During this all-day event, you will have an opportunity to:

  • Discover extraordinary details about your past
  • Release old phobias and fears from prior lifetimes
  • Practice revolutionary healing visualizations and meditations
  • Harness the power of love and understanding to transform your life
  • Understand soul mates and soul companions
  • Discover new tools for developing your intuition and psychic abilities
  • Have your copy of Many Lives, Many Masters autographed by Dr. Brian
  • And more!
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Many Lives, Many Masters
1-Day Workshop
Saturday, April 4, 2020
10:00 AM – 5:00 PM ET

Temple Performing Arts Center – Lew Klein Hall
📍 1837 North Broad Street Philadelphia, PA 19122
Temple Performing Arts Center – Lew Klein Hall Map
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Link from the original message in English language:

Basic Workshop on Past Lives Theraphy, 24-25-26/1/2020.

Basic Workshop on Past Lives Theraphy, 24-25-26/1/2020.

Basic Workshop on Past Lives Therapy with Doctor José Luis Cabouli.

January, 24th-25th and 26th of 2020. Barcelona.

Translation: Núria Comas Viladrich.

This is a Past Lives Therapy (PLT) introductory course aimed at those who wish to know and learn about this therapeutic alternative without carrying out an entire formal training.

The workshop will consist of five separate classes taking place Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday, from 4 to 8 pm on Friday and from 10 to 8 pm on the weekend, when the fundamental concepts of PLT will be explained: the basic regression technique, the therapeutic work of traumatic experiences in past lives, fetal life and birth, and how the anamnesis is performed when using PLT techniques.

Each class will be splitted into a theoretical part and a practical part during which Dr. Cabouli will perform a didactic regression by drawing lots among the attendees.

The course is aimed at therapists and health and other disciplines professionals wishing to acquire a different knowledge about the genesis and resolution of emotional conflicts that they often face on a daily basis as well as at those who wish to delve into their interior development.

In addition to therapists interested in learning about a different therapeutic alternative, the course may be of particular interest to obstetricians, pediatricians, and those professionals working in palliative care or accompanying terminally ill patients.

At the end of the course a certificate of attendance will be issued.

Basic Workshop On Past lives Therapy (PLT) Program:

Lesson 1.

General Introduction; basic premises on the basis of Past Lives Therapy (PLT).

The timeless dimension of the soul, the trapping of consciousness and the concept of multi-simultaneity.

Experience excluded from consciousness, responsible experience and traumatic experience.

Symptom: the pathway to experience excluded from consciousness.

Didactic regression by Doctor José Luis Cabouli.

Lesson 2.

Basic Regression Technique.

Therapeutic work of the traumatic experience.

How the therapeutic session is conducted.

Didactic regression by Doctor José Luis Cabouli.

Lesson 3.

The experience of death.

Therapeutic work of the different traumatic death experiences .

Didactic regression by Doctor José Luis Cabouli.

Lesson 4.

Fetal life and birth.

Influence of emotions, maternal beliefs and external events on the psyche of the fetus.

Therapeutic work of events that may occur at birth: cesarean section, general anesthesia, forceps and circular cord among others.

Didactic regression by Doctor José Luis Cabouli.

Lesson 5.

Anamnesis in PLT: initial interview conducted by the therapist which differs from the classic medical history.

Mandates and Promises: Positive or negative statements that work as programmers of behaviors from the unconscious.

Didactic regression by Doctor José Luis Cabouli.

Course venue: Hotel Villa Emilia.
Calle Calabria, 115.
08015 Barcelona.

Fee: 250 € (Reservation of 100 € and the rest on the day the course starts).

On page 5 of this form we have the account number to make the reservation.

Registration Form:

On page 5 of this form you can find the bank details to make your reservation.


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