Orpheus witness. Spiritual possession therapy. En

Orpheus witness. Spiritual possession therapy.

Doctor José Luís Cabouli. Terapia de la Posesión Espiritual. Técnica y práctica clínica (Spiritual possession therapy. Clinical technique and practice). ISBN: 9789507543807. Editorial Continente (http://www.edicontinente.com.ar). Formato: 230 x 155 x 25 mm (Rústica con solapa). Páginas: 360. Publicación: 18/09/2012.The patient, here called Orpheus, has finished a session in which he has left behind a pact with Darkness made in a previous life. In the present session the therapist discovers the presence of several disincarnated entities which got inside the patient, taking advantage of his previous state. The therapist holds a dialogue with each of these entities, who show up using Orpheus’ voice and vocal chords, and helps them to find their way to the Light. In this way they free their host from his troubles and they may restart their cycle of successive incarnations.

Orpheus’ witness.

Orpheus (42 years old) is a yoga teacher, osteopath, and psychotherapist. Together with his wife he runs a centre where they work with different techniques related to personal growth. Orpheus was participating, the same as Loli, in the second formation course in Spain when, in one of the practice sessions, while Orpheus was acting as a patient, several entities showed up through him simultaneously. The situation was very difficult to cope with by the therapist in charge, who was just starting in his work with the lost souls. Doctor Juan José López Martínez, who was then supervising, undertook then the control of the session and took Orpheus to break his pact with Darkness that he had signed in a previous life. The session finished after breaking the pact, as Orpheus was too exhausted to carry on.

After this performance Orpheus had a strange feeling, he felt as if he were fragmented. Little wonder, he had suddenly realized there were several wills present simultaneously in his conscience, and he was completely lost. At the same time he had started to fathom the origin of the difficulties he met with to develop spiritually. The following morning he still felt that the sense of fragmentation lingered. It sufficed to look him in the eyes to realise that he was not completely present in the here and now. So we started to work on that feeling of fragmentation. Pay now attention because here will show up several entities, one after the other, and there will be moments when we will not know who is who.

Tuesday, October 7, 2003.

Therapist: Very well, Orpheus, how is this feeling of fragmentation?

Orpheus: It is difficult to to explain now. It is a feeling as if my will force diminishes, following a discourse which has nothing to do with me –he speaks with a faltering voice and with difficulty–. There is a feeling of an immense, brutal anger. Somebody is very cross, more than one, but there is one who is stronger than the others. What I need, and it is myself speaking, is to simplify the experience. I cannot cope with everybody at the same time, I can only cope with one.

Very well then, you will ask Archangel Michael to help you and be with you in this experience.

Archangel Michael, I ask you to help me and be with me in this job.

Therapist: –Now I ask you to trust. Whatever it is, all will be fine. Do not interfere with the work, do not fight, do not spend your energy. I will count to three and, when I say three, you will allow this energy, or whoever it is that is angry, to manifest freely. I will listen. One… two… three. Go on, now you may demonstrate freely, y am not going to judge nor criticize.

Lost soul: –Pffff! –puffing and blowing–. That’s what you say, but you must show me that you are not going to judge me.

By any chance have I ever judged anybody?

To me it is shit what you may have said here or before.

I only know that everybody has his own pain, and I am here to help cure that pain. Everybody has something to repent of, or to be ashamed of, so I am not here to judge. Tell me what happened to you…

I am black!

I imagine you must have suffered a lot because of your skin condition.

It is not because of the skin –he whispers–. It is black feathers, black like a raven’s, but dirty.

How is it that you are cross? Has Orpheus done anything to you?

Orpheus is a wretch –he puffs and blows.

And what are you doing with that poor devil?

I am agonizing. After yesterday, I am agonizing. (He refers to the session in which several entities appeared all at the same time. In spite of Orpheus’ malaise the work done had the desired effect).

And what happened yesterday?

I only know that after yesterday I am agonizing. It is better to die than to carry on like this.

Where are you when you are agonizing? What happened to your body?

I don’t know, I am confused. I don’t know if I have a body, if I don’t, if I had a body in the past –he is gasping as if he felt breathless.

I am going to help you because these agonizing feelings belong to the body you had before being here. Do you remember your name?

I only remember… Beatrice.

Therapist: Very well, Beatrice. I will count up to three and you will go to the moment when you still were in your body. And we shall see what happened to the body you had. One… two… three. Observe what is happening to your body?

Beatrice: (First she starts coughing and then she cries while she is choking).

That’s it, let the pain come out. Tell me what is going on. What happened to your body?

I feel grief –she is still crying–. I feel sorrow because of a separation.

Whom are you separating from?

From some children… an uncle strangles me and throws me into the river.

And who is this uncle who strangles you?

A man.

And what pushes this man to do this to you?

Power, sexual desire, contempt. He has no divine value, only his animality, his sexuality.

Now observe that, when that body dies, there is no more need for staying there. There is a light waiting for you, and it is coming for you to soothe your grief and your pain.

Don’t come with that bullshit.

Observe well: that body is dead, drowned in the river and now you are talking to me because they have let you have this body so that you can do so. You are more than the body. You will never die and you will meet again those children.

What a shame not to die. I cannot bear it, I cannot bear the hate, the sadness, the anger, I cannot live like this. To have to live eternally like this, it is a life sentence. –desperately– It is a life sentence! I cannot avoid it.

Then you are going to tell that man what you were not able to tell him at the time. You have to throw this out, you have to tell him what you could not tell him then. Let your anger out.

(Beatrice starts to cry disconsolately while Orpheus’ body shakes with spasms.)

Therapist: That’s it. How long has it been since you last had a caress, a token of love? I’ll put my hand on your breast, so that you feel the warmth and love (I put my hand on Orpheus’ breast and Beatrice-Orpheus holds my hands with hers and starts to calm down.) Light is love and I am going to ask God to let the Virgin Mary come and wrap you in her mantle. «Humbly we ask you, Lord, to let your infinite love and light to reach today Beatrice. Have pity on her grief and send your sweet Mother to take her in. Sweet Mother, we ask you that with your infinite love you come to take in Beatrice’s soul.» Here they come to fetch you. Love will heal your wounds and your grief, and you will again meet those children. You only have to get into the Light and you will find the peace and calmness you need to heal your wounds.

Lost soul II: I am trapped… we all are trapped… –the tone of voice changes.

Very well, who is speaking now? Who are you?

I don’t know, I don’t know who I am.

How many more are with you?


Where are they trapped?

It is a dark net, full of corpses, they are all burnt. We are where the undesirable, the fallen, the despicable, the impure, the unpresentable, go.

There is no reason for them to be there, it is a mistake to be there. Somebody convinced them to be there, somebody tricked them and trapped them. I will count to three and you will remember how it was that they were trapped. One… two… three… How it was that they trapped them? Who was it?

He does not let me speak.

Who doesn’t let you speak?

A guy. He tells me: «You bastard, don’t say anything». (It happens often to find an entity dominating the others.)

Don’t be afraid, now you can speak up. How was it that they trapped you?


What attracted you?

Distinction, the elected, the energy, the power, the money, the control over others. The specialty, to be special.

What did they promise you?

All this.

And what did you give up in exchange?

Attraction, energy, money, work, discipline.

Very well, now you can get rid of that. It does not matter that they have trapped you, that they have tricked you. You have already gone beyond that test. You and whoever is with you…

But you don’t know who it is.

Can you tell me who it is?


It does not matter who it is. All of you are children of the Light, the only thing is that they have robbed your light. Look inside yourself and you will find that little spark, in some place there is still that small spark.

Here! –she touches her breast.

That’s it. You and all those who are with you are children of Light.

They are my friends and are all there, all, all of them, –she says with despair.

Yes, and they are going to break free, they are going to the Light, right now. You only have to ask the Light for help. Apologize to the Light because you let yourself be trapped, because you let yourself be cheated, for having believed that there were more important things.

I don’t learn, I don’t learn. I always make the same mistake, I always repeat the same story, I always sell my soul to the devil. –she cries.

This time you are going to get done with this story, this time you are going back to the Light. Apologize to the Light. «We apologize because we were naïve, because we let ourselves be trapped.»

I apologize in my name and in that of my companions because we were naïve and we let ourselves be trapped. Help us to break with all this. We have been doing the same for centuries –she cries–. Thousands of years doing the same, taking the wrong road, always taking the wrong road. How unhappy!

«Archangel Michael, come and free us.»

But he won’t come –she cries disconsolately.

I will plead with the Archangel Michael for you. «Archangel Michael, I humbly ask you to come and help these beings who have got lost in the Dark. We ask you in the name of God, so that they may recover their condition as children of the Light.» Here comes the Archangel. You will take Saint Michael’s sword and you will free yourself and your companions.

I haven’t got the strength –she is still crying.

I will help you. Say with me «Archangel Michael, let me have your sword to free ourselves». Come on, you can. I will hold your arm, take the sword. Come on, you can do it. Repeat with me: «In the name of God…

In the name of God… –she barely stammers.

and through the power of Archangel Michael…

and through the power of Archangel Michael…

I free myself and recover my energy…

I free myself and recover my energy… –she is still crying.

I recover my freedom and recover my light.»

I recover my freedom and recover my light –now with a firm voice.

That’s it, repeat it again.

In the name of God and through the power granted by the Archangel Saint Michael I recover my energy and my light, and I free my companions, my wife and my children.

That’s it, very well. Say it again, louder.

In the name of God and with Saint Michael’s sword I recover my light and do away with all this shit and free myself, my companions, my wife and my two children. (Here I suspected that it was now Orpheus speaking, however I decided to carry on in order not to interrupt our work.)

That’s it, now break your chain with the sword. Come on, count to three and break the chains which bind you with Saint Michael’s sword. One… two… three. Now! Go on! Break with all this! Go on!

Ah! Ah! –crying and stammering–. Ay! Ay! Ay!

Come on, you can, come on, the Light is coming, come on, the Light is coming in.

I can’t! I can’t! I feel powerless.

Yes you can, come on, I help you. One, there we go (I must sustain his arm because he can barely lift it), two… and three!

Ahhh! (finally he makes the gesture to cut with the sword and remains gasping and coughing for some minutes.)

Now you must demand to have your energy back.

Ay! Tell him to wait! Tall him to wait! I don’t know anything! –gasping and with despair.

Be calm, I am by your side. Tell me who is there.

It is a point, a point of light in the dark. The light which separates good from bad –he keeps crying–. Don’t let anything come in, I don’t know anything!

You just have to ask the Light. Archangel Michael is here and he is going to help you.

I want the Light! I want the Light! –he calms down progressively.

That’s it, all is going to be well. Open your eyes to the Light and demand your energy. To those who tricked you, who trapped you, who seduced you, you say: «I want my energy now, I want to have back the energy you robbed me.»

I want my will back… I want the control of my body… –with a faltering voice– I don’t want to go on suffering… the centuries… you are not going to trap me anymore, you are not going to confound me any more… I will not be seduced again. I have no discernment for anything! –he starts crying again.

It is a part of learning. You will learn from your mistakes, you know that this has not been good.

And you, how do I know that you are good? That you do not fool me, another one fooling me.

Just imagine what I am gaining with this, I don’t earn anything.

I don’t know what you earn! How do I know? You say you are on the side of the Light, and what do I care if you belong to the Light nor anything else, I am separated from all this and I don’t know where I am nor what the shit I am doing here nor why I have come here –he keeps crying– I am bloody sick of all this. Be calm, yes, you be calm. (His despair is such that fast his discourse becomes unintelligible.)

Who is talking now? Who are you? (now it was time to make things clear.)

I am Orpheus, shit! Another one in the fog.

Therapist: And tell me something, do you feel comfortable in that fog, are you well in that darkness?

Orpheus: I am not comfortable in any place! None of us is well! –crying and gasping.

Very well, now I want you to listen attentively…

Of course, I listen to everybody attentively.

You are here to integrate yourself and to integrate your energy. I am not going to take anything from you.

Yes, that is what all say. Each one sells his merchandise.

That is part of your apprenticeship, to learn to discern and not let yourself get trapped because you are easily seduced by vanity and by your soft spots. If you trusted yourself and were conscious of your essence, this would not happen. You are a child of the Light…

That is true, but I am full of shit and the Light forgot all about me.

No, the Light did not forget about you. You forgot the Light, you drifted away from the Light. The Light is always there and you can see it now.

No! I don’t see it, I don’t see it. I don’t know what the hell, I don’t want to see it or somebody does not want to see it. I don’t see it, it is there and I am separated from it, and so am I all the time, lost like a nobody.

The Light is going to meet you.

Yes, that’s what I expect, shit!, that one day it meets me, or that one day I be able to do whatever I have to do to meet it, because I cannot be that orphan. I am an orphan, an orphan –he cries.

It is your shame that keeps you away from the Light. Tell the Light: «yes, really I made a mistake, I was full of shit, I was full of shit.»

Yes, that’s so. I made a mistake and was full of dirt and shit…

But now I want to get clean.

But, who wants to get clean of all those who are here? We are a lot… Who is the one and who are the others? (See my plight, what shall I do not to fall into madness?). I don’t know, I don’t know. I don’t know. What shall I do, because we are all one, or are mixed up, all… –choking and crying–. Now I see the body which has no name, I don’t know, I don’t know. The most solid thing is this body, but I don’t know who animates it, how many are in this body. I don’t know.

That is the consequence of having allowed others to get into your body, of having become fragmented. Now you will have to learn to take care of your body, because your body is your soul’s temple.

And who am I of all these people? Who?

Now you are going to know. Are you any one or are you Orpheus? Are you one of the others or are you Orpheus?

Orpheus is the last shit of all, the last one in the row, the last…

Very well, and who is talking now?

Start with that one.

Who is it?

The one whose name starts with «S».

And who is it whose name starts with «S»?


Therapist: Fine, Sixto. You know everything that is going on. Are you ready to go to the Light? Will you allow me to help you to go back to the Light?

Sixto: Of course, but you are going to have a hard job, man, because this is complicated to go to the Light. We’ll have to go through a lot, a lot.

You won’t have to go through nothing, it is very easy. As soon as you take the decision it is just a moment. It is not so difficult as it appears, that’s why I am here, to help you and all the others who are there. So that light is made, so that everybody may go on his path. The way you are, all in a heap as in a sack full of cats, nobody knows who he is.

Nobody knows anything, we are punished and in a filthy mood.

How many are with you, Sixto?

Quite a lot… It is a cinema, a whole cinema. You only see their eyes in the dark, their eyes are glistening… it is all dark… it is a cinema. Hundreds of eyes, I am just one, I am their spokesman.

Very well, we shall start with you. You may go to the Light.

I? and what about the others?

Do you want to take them with you?

I have a feeling that… I don’t know, even if you deceive me, we must do something.

I am not going to deceive you, I am going to help you to see the Light.

Yes, I wonder if this is true because I am only… I am in the dark.

Very well, I will ask for you. «Humbly, Lord, in this day…

But, do you think I could see the Light?

Of course you can, look inside yourself: If you have come from the Light… I am going to ask God to help you. «Humbly, Lord, I ask you to open the doors of your kingdom to receive Sixto and his companions. Lord, in your infinite mercy we ask you to send a ray of light so that Sixto and his companions may go back home. Lord, send your protecting angels so that they come and fetch them. Forgive their errors. Remember they are your children and they are still learning…»

That’s it, we are learning.

sometimes they make mistakes, as we all do…

That’s it, I keep repeating the same course all the time.

Now you are going to pass it. Here come the Light, there is place for you in the Light. There you will be welcomed with love and affection, you will have a bath of light, you will feel renewed and you will have a new start. And next time things will be better, trust yourself.

I have no option… Now things have become grey, you will have to push a little more and you will have to ask more, because there is a lot f work here. Hey! Don’t let me go now! (Since he held my hand as Beatrice he hasn’t let go of me.)

I don’t let go of you, I am here by sour side. I will stay with you until you get into the Light, I am here with you.

And with all of us, because at this stage this looks like a mass meeting. They all have the jitters, don’t let go of us now!

Lord, accept them in the Light, we humbly ask you. Great Lord of the Universe, Creator of heaven and earth, Father of all the creation, sanctified be thy Name in the whole Universe, forgive, Lord, our wickedness, free us from all evil.

It is ignorance, forgive our ignorance. Centuries… centuries…

God the Father knows this, that is why he sends us to school, so that we may learn. Everything will be clear for you and your companions. You will all have a new opportunity.

There is one staying behind. Hey, tell that one to come here.

Call him, what’s his name?


Therapist: –Come on, Humbert. Don’t be afraid, nobody is going to say anything. God knows our weaknesses and he knows that we make mistakes. God is love and compassion, nobody is going to scold you. God suffers when we suffer. Come on, Humbert, you too.

Humbert: I am infuriated with God. He to suffer? If everything…, what the deuce does he suffer? This is all a fib, why? I don’t understand –first angry, and now crying–. People get killed and children suffer… Shit! Why does he allow all this? I don’t believe anything, I don’t believe anything! I am not going to believe anything! It cannot be all that suffering and He looking on from above… and we are his children and… what a hell of a father! And He created us and… come on now! I don’t know… I don’t understand anything… I cannot understand why we all have to suffer. I cannot understand, I cannot understand! –he cries–. I don’t understand suffering, I cannot understand it. I cannot bear my grief nor the grief of others! I cannot!!! I don’t understand anything. Explain it to me! I don’t understand the suffering of men, of women, of children, of animals and plants. I cannot! I cannot! I cannot understand! And… now the Light… Damn! Explain it to me, but try to convince me! I don’t understand why he put us in this situation, and why children have to suffer, and why… Aaahhh!

Well, calm down, Humbert, I will explain as far as I can with my knowledge. Now, let me put a question: who causes this suffering? Is it God or is it man? Who causes the wars?

Then, why did he make man that way?

God did not make man that way. God created men’s souls. It is the soul which is made in the image of God, but when it incarnates in a body, the soul forgets its divine condition.

But the body was also made by God, wasn’t it?

The body belongs to material nature, but as a matter of fact it is all God. The fact is that we are so ignorant that we forget about it, there is nothing that is not God.

Well, since he made us, he could have made us cleverer, couldn’t he? With more information…

Yes, perhaps. But it is man who forgets. God created man and gave him freedom of choice so that he could learn and decide on his own until he understood that he is a part of God. But man forgot his origin because he yielded to temptation and because he loves power, because he likes to subdue his fellows, and because he is never satisfied with anything. It is man who discriminates against colour; it is man that kills. It is not God’s fault, it is man who causes suffering.

And what about the dark souls? Are they also men?

They are individuals who surrendered their will to Darkness and their souls can also be redeemed by love and by the Light. It is man himself that lets himself be trapped by the fascination of darkness. Don’t be cross with God, be cross with man.

All right.

You have an opportunity to get out of all this. Now you have an opportunity to reach the Light, to get filled with God’s love and to help mankind to awake to its true condition. It is hard, it is difficult, but we are all working to that end, to bring light to mankind’s conscience. Do you understand?

I hope I don’t forget, I have a very bad memory.

It does not matter, you will go through this lesson again and again.

What I really want is to rest. If I don’t rest from so much suffering I shall not be able to do anything for anybody. I am hopeless…

Don’t say it any more.

Well, I was hopeless.

Now you are going to rest, the angels will go with you and they will help you to get rid of impurities. You will have a rest and they will prepare you for when you will be ready to go back to work.

They are going away… they have opened heaven’s gates. They are going out in an orderly way…

That’s it, «Lord, do not forget Humbert. Send his protecting angel to fetch him. We ask you humbly, oh Lord. Send an appointed angel to take Humbert back to the Light.» Here they are coming to fetch you, Humbert. Be calm, all will be well.

Hey, what about Orpheus? What’s going to happen to him?

Orpheus will be fine, he too has a lot learn yet. Orpheus must learn to take care of his body, of his vibratory field, of his behaviour. That is his task, and from now on he will see more clearly.

It is hard for me now to leave him behind.

I understand. Do you want to say something to Orpheus?

Listen, old man –addressing Orpheus– you are not a bad chap. Now I am going to take away all this people. Listen, old man, I am going, but… I am really going away, OK? –he is panting– Now, don’t forget playing with the children. Now, take them to do climbing, they like it. Listen –he is now whispering– Orpheus, Orpheus, don’t be an idiot, that now it is very easy. It has been some time that things have gone into place. Don’t be afraid, shit! Stop complaining. Listen what I tell you, I will come back if you act wrongly, because I am sick and tired of being here. Apologise to your sister, bring harmony to your family. Be honest and… the story about origin, remember every day, and see if yoga is now easier for you. And remember, when a customer comes, think of his soul. Ask for help, shit! That you don’t do anything, shit. Listen, I shall send you an email to tell you how God is. Listen, I am going, eh? And take care of your wife. I am taking with me Evaristo. «Shit! Evaristo, get out of there, get out and leave that woman alone.» You, Orpheus, are upset with pain, but they can do nothing to you, you are harder than a rock, but that woman, they badger her a lot. “Hey, Evaristo, let her go, and tell Cabouli to have that one go away too. Tell that one to go away too… –desperately.

Very well, let us go. Evaristo, you too, Evaristo. Come on, go with Humbert. Come on, they have found you out, Evaristo. That’s it, Evaristo. Let us go to the Light, there is an angel coming for you too.

Listen… listen… what was my name? Listen, I don’t even remember my name… no, not Orpheus, the other one. How was it? Humbert. Listen, I have no strength left, pull Evaristo away…

Come on, Evaristo, that’s it… be calm, that’s it.

Ahhh! –getting quiet and silent all of a sudden.

Therapist: That’s it, may God bless you and you too, Evaristo. «Humbly, Lord, we ask you to send your protecting angels to take Evaristo with them.» That’s it, in this day, by the grace of God, all go to the Light and leave Orpheus free and in peace so that he may start a new life…

Orpheus: Listen, Cabouli…

Who is calling?

I am the remains of Orpheus… I am very sensitive, I am very hard and very sensitive. I am not yet closed. Tell the boss…

What do you want me to tell him?

Shit! Not to be staid with me and to sustain me, shit! I am going to ask for his help, as you say because this is a damned mess. To sustain me and… and…

Very well, you are going to ask now and I am going to help you. Repeat with me: «Humbly, Lord, I admit that I made mistakes…

I admit that I have been making mistakes for centuries…

I was very naïve and I have believed things which were not true…

And I believed that I could be like you and I could vie with you, even be more powerful than you… I am sorry if I get mixed up again.

Now I realise that I was wrong…

Yes, but don’t ask me that much because this is quite difficult.

For this reason you have to pray and ask: lead me not into temptation.

Yes, that one, forgive me. Listen, Our Father that must be a lamb who has to come, wait, how does it go on? I must remember. Our Father in heaven…

Wait, we are going to do something easier. «Great Lord of the Universe…

Shit! I am not yet ready for that one! What I need is a lamb, why don’t we start with the lamb and the the other one? First the one down here and then the other, the greater one. I am going to get an indigestion! Look, first let me have a medium class one with whom I may talk. Now there is the one who has the light. «Hey you, the one with the Light, shine all the time for me, shit. Punch them, but not in their balls, as they did to me.»

All right, then lets us ask Jesus. He is going to help you.

Oh, that one, yes. Good! «Listen, my Jesus and Leandro’s (another chap in the course), Leandro spoke to Jesus yesterday. Listen, Jesus, you were a strong God. Keep me in your area, keep me in your vibration. Keep me in your life, God. Don’t let me loose for a long time, because I get misled. Give me your energy so that I may repair my body and spirit, so that I may make myself whole again. I am going to be completely whole, I will wipe away hate, laziness, lack of energy, competitivity, anger, fear… Pity on me! I am trembling! Don’t let go of me. Listen, tell that one who is your Father to do it through you, because if He comes personally to fetch me, he will scare me. That Light so bright, makes me blind. Listen, Cabouli! –he is scared– there is something wrong with my eyes!

There is nothing wrong with your eyes.

Listen to me, Jesus, you were crucified. I too have been crucified. Look, I have already suffered, don’t make me suffer more, there is enough with your suffering. Jesus, I am not so strong as you are.» Listen, Cabouli, I am trembling, we must do something to stop this, it is as if I had a crater –he is gasping, groaning and crying.

I am going to give you holy water (it is always a good thing to have some near.)

Do whatever you want. Oh, oh, oh! Here and here, thanks. (I put the holy water on his brow, on his closed eyelids and on his breast.)

Be calm now. You are going to heal and to finish with all this. Now you choose a colour.

Wait, when I was a child they taught me a prayer which I had forgotten, and that now has come to my mind, it said something like… «Little Jesus of my life, you are a child like me, that’s why I love you so much and I give you my heart.» Hey, but this must be defined… because I don’t give anything to anybody anymore.

Well, you might say «I give you my trust».

That’s it, I give you my trust, I open my heart. That’s mine, it is not yours. Do what you need to do to guide me –he becomes calmer.

Very well, now you will bring a ray of blue light and you wrap yourself in this blue light…

It is turquoise.

Very well then, you will absorb the turquoise blue colour as if you were breathing the blue colour, you bring the blue colour into each atom of your being, filling your heart with blue, your lungs, all your being, as if you were wrapping yourself in a blue coloured bubble.

Wait, it has not yet reached every part of my body. We were in the heart…

Your lungs… your arms… your abdomen… your thighs… your knees… your legs… your feet.

I will look like a smurf!

and upwards, your neck, your head, your eyes, your ears and your brain, wrap your brain in this blue colour. And now, as if you were in a blue sphere or bubble. As if you were in a blue coloured bubble.

Let all the others be wrapped also. Now I must take a commitment, make a pact.

No pacts.

I must make a link with the Light so that my soul does not forget about it ever again. Y must join the Light so that I am not afraid to spread the Light, to talk about the Light, to be Light and share it. So that the Light gets into me and that I may take it to others. Humility and service… how can I do this?

Day by day, don’t worry about it.

But I need to do something now, I need to make a link with the Light.

Well, you might do it this way: I, Orpheus, apologize to the Light and surrender to the Light. I commit…

Ouch! That word! I already said these words before and they are not yet clean. I cannot use them. Could I say: I open myself?

Use the words which are more suitable to you.

I open myself and I open only to the Light, only to the true Light, only to the Holy Spirit, to the Light…

to the holy and blessed Light.

To the holy and blessed Light so that I may be a messenger and spread the message. Only to the Holy Spirit, only to the white dove which carries the olive branch. That’s it, I feel already well.

Fine, you will end telling yourself: «I am Orpheus, I am myself, deeply myself, and I am the master of my body.»

I am Orpheus, I am myself, and I am the master of my body, which is this one.

That’s it, now slowly, taking your time, breathing deeply, you will open your eyes, and you will come back into your physical conscience as Orpheus, this day Tuesday, seventh October two thousand and three.

Many thanks to you, Cabouli, and to all those who are here. This has been an initiation –his voice and discourse are completely different–. There was a link missing which now I must take care of, cultivate and make grow. I had lost a link, for this reason I understand that I could not act from my heart. I have a great deal of skill to work with any technique, but there was a lack of heart and in spite of my efforts I could not finish, and I felt a great despair because I couldn’t put more heart in what I did, and this is what was missing. Thanks, many thanks. Now I feel whole.


As you may have seen, working with Orpheus was not easy at all. Orpheus’ experience was dramatic and confused at the same time. There were moments when I couldn’t distinguish who it was that was coming forward. Usually, this is quite clear and you may guess by the voice. But here it was all confused and both Orpheus and the lost souls were getting mixed up all the time. Now, just think a little, how is it possible to keep sanity and the conscience of «I am» under the circumstances? How alienated can you get in this situation? There appeared at least five different wills, besides Orpheus, under such an invasion of the subconscious it is not strange that a person loses his sense of reality. Orpheus’ experience could be considered an example of multiple personality.

In spite of the confusion ruling him, Orpheus could feel that one of the entities was stronger than the others. This is what may happen when there are several entities in the same person. One of them dominates the others. Generally speaking, the dominating entity is the last one to come forward. It is as if first it sent the others forward, and it may even threaten them so that they do not give it away. When the weaker entities move back, then the dominating one has to come forward.

Apparently, the main cause of such an invasion by foreign entities in Orpheus was a pact with the darkness that he had made in a previous life. These pacts frequently appear when you work with past lives. Since in the soul dimension time does not exist, these pacts keep all their power. In practice, it is as if they had just been made. While the pact remains intact, it keeps its validity, it does not matter if the person is in another life. As far as the soul is concerned, it makes no difference, nothing has changed. It is necessary to reach that point of the soul to be able to start the process of separation and liberation of all the energies who go with or harass a person.

Let us see what happened to Orpheus after this work.

«During the first session I got in touch with my personality’s fragmentation and the occupation of my inner space by a high number of lost souls or entities because of a treachery to the light “before time” as a human. After the second session I have felt very well. The most important thing is that I have been able to be very steadfast in my yoga and meditation practice in the morning. I have always been very orderly in my life, but when adversity hit me y left my daily practice and that in the end would overwhelm me. After working with Cabouli I have had no turns for the worse worth mentioning, and my spirituality has been growing day by day. My frailty compels me to work daily in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual areas, otherwise I get blocked and suffer. I don’t really know why I carried such a “crowd” with me. Some years ago I was connected to a centre that today I would call a sect. The boss of that centre was a lady channel who conveyed directly the teachings from energetic entities who were related to her. I don’t think this was the only reason, far from it. Until I reached forty I have always felt that I did not fit into the roles and guidelines established by the society of human beings. I have a wife, a son and a daughter, and I am very happy with them. Thanks to them I have become more human. I feel that little by little I am touching ground and I am happy to see that so much suffering and anxiety past are transforming into peace, happiness, and a feeling of being alive for me and my people, and into service and usefulness for other people.»

Dr. José Luís Cabouli. Terapia de la posesión espiritual. Técnica y práctica clínica (Spiritual possession therapy. Clinical technique and practice). Ediciones Continente. Pages 270 to 285.

Translation: Loto Perrella.