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The belief that we only live one inncarnation is spread all over the World. The occidental civilizations are impregnated with this modern mentality of living life immediately without thinking excessively about the consequences of our acts.

In this context, the Past Life Therapy (PLT) has been developed by therapists, some of them with academic rigor and practical experience who have discovered the evidence of incarnation, not by the imposed dogma way neither by a free an accepted belief, but by the daily practice with their pacients.

If somebody believes that we only live once, the person can decide to keep away from the luck of living in the place he does, because he believe he won´t return to it. But infront of the doubt somebody can have because he could believe that he could return to planet Earth, he may think: «Be carefull, because maybe, we will return. That´s why we´ve got to leave the World as we found it or better, or at least, conserve it, not allowing it to get worse, because it will be where we will exactly return to».

The PLT patients have the chance to discover that we come to this world to learn. We do it guessing the faults of our past, where we incorporate different types of lessons, between them the virtues of love and compassion, that are some of the ones the soul has to assume in it´s improvement way. Necessary virtues in a world like ours, that can feed with sufficient food, materia and energy to all it´s inhabitants, but where there´s people with serious deficiencies. A planet with a wide variety of species and media, but in risk due to contamination and misguided resources. Where humanity disposes of a diversity of nations, cultures and languages, each one capable of offering it´s original solutions to the rest, but with a military capacity to destroy several times the life that is contained.

Humanity´s most pending subject in our planet, but not the only one, is to elevate the ethics and consciousness of our society. Spirituality is decisive. From this respectful website En cos i ànima (In body and soul) we introduce internet users in this path opened by pioneers that are investigating combining psychic and metaphysics helping us to improve the relational level between us, individual and collective, and also with the matters related to the respect of our own nature and the other beings nature.

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First version: Thursday, January 18, 2018.
Last modified: Tuesday, January 30, 2018.
Translation: Mireya Ashley.