José Luis Cabouli: “There are cases of people who have the soul of a dead brother”. En

José Luis Cabouli: There are cases of people who have the soul of a dead brother”.

La Verdad. Logo.La Verdad, Friday, May 25, 2012.

«There are cases of people who have the soul of a dead brother».

José Luis Cabouli, an expert in regressive therapies.

This expert applies a regressive technique to past lives in order to solve conflicts and psychological problems for his patients.

The Argentinean specialist José Luis Cabouli.
The Argentinean specialist José Luis Cabouli.

The Argentinean specialist José Luis Cabouli.

M.T.B. Elx. The therapy he applies has nothing to do with magic, hypnotism or esoteric performances. Dr. José Luis Cabouli (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1950), a world authority in regressive techniques, states that going through traumatic experiences of past lives may resolve conflicts and psychological problems of past lives, such as phobias and fears. The most shocking cases he has had to face in his 25 years of activity are those of patients who discover that in them has reincarnated the soul of a dead brother. This medical doctor, who was a plastic surgeon, offers this weekend a talk and a workshop in the centre for natural therapies Espígol.

Is it necessary to believe for the regressive therapy to be effective?

No, it has nothing to do with beliefs, it is good for anybody.

Which is its aim?

It is about the healing of soul wounds and traumas. It is used to handle psychological problems, such as depressions, phobias, fears… even for pains without a medical cause, such as some migraines or neuralgias.

Do you state that the cause is to be found in other lives we have lived?

In past lives and even in one’s early childhood, at the time of our birth, or during our foetal life. Experiences are stored in our subconscious mind and it is necessary to look for the original traumatic outburst: there is always one, and recalling it helps to overcome it.

How is this possible?

When you are working with emotions, there are experiences which appear and do not belong to our everyday life, they come up naturally. Through their emotions, patients reach an expanded state of consciousness. The key lies in the fact that, for the soul, time does not exist. For example, somebody who is afraid of the sea, or of going aboard a vessel, maybe in a past life he suffered the sinking of the Titanic. His body died, but his soul remained caught in that moment, in an endless experience which has settled in his present life.

How can you help your patients to bring back the experience without having recourse to hypnosis?

The patient must concentrate on his sensation and feel it deeply until he can liken it to the sensation which caused it. What heals is to feel it again in your body, and this is the hard thing. For example if the breathing problems or suffocations are related to the fact that he died hanged, he must feel the noose in his neck. In this way, his soul can get free of its trauma and see the end of it.

And what about birth and foetal life?

If the time of our birth was traumatic, it may have awakened this experience in a past life. Also in the mother’s womb, whatever happens to the mother the baby lives it as his. Sometimes, depressions and fears may come from the time in the mother’s womb.

Tell me the most shocking case you have dealt with in your practice.

What is most shocking for an adult is when, on working on a regression, he discovers that he is his older brother which died before he was born. In families which have some dead children, it is highly possible for their soul to reincarnate in another brother.

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