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A call from the «In body and soul» web.

Those who apply the Past Lives Therapy (PLT) and the Spiritual Possession Therapy (SPT), each one according to their different styles and approaches of their treatment, and through the study of many cases, inform us that we are souls who travel from body to body. From the study of these cases we infer that reincarnation, or metempsychosis, are the natural way for souls to learn and improve.

These practitioners help to improve souls, while they discover and help to solve in their patients the different forms of human suffering. If we take into account the number of incarnated souls now existing in the world, and besides make a rough estimate of disembodied souls, and take into account the several traumatic facts, individual and collective, which have not been solved, and which have been suffered by the whole of mankind on planet Earth all along history, which would be the purport of the number of traumatic conflicts of the past, of different sorts, waiting to be solved, which concern the whole of the incarnated and disincarnated souls? Probably, hundreds of thousands of millions.

In order to help to promote this gigantic task to improve and solve the problem of soul or spiritual consciousness, which involves the whole of mankind, a site starting with a reduced number of pages, presenting the description of some cases which were favourably resolved, but which progressively increases its contents with a larger number of languages, may be a very effective tool to reach individuals from all the peoples of the world, employing one of the tools of the collective soul of each people, which is their respective spoken languages.

We encourage you to collaborate in this project by helping in different ways, for example translating and correcting as well as possible its pages. Also, recovering, and if necessary correcting in accordance with the original, the quotes already translated of the mentioned authors in those cases in which there are already editions made of the language translated. We shall also welcome any collaboration for the technical and aesthetic features of the project. Those inclined to make economic contributions could do them directly to the person or persons who have cooperated and which need a compensation, as the idea is to save bureaucracy and unnecessary expenses. All the people and groups taking part in this project may, if they wish so, appear with their name in the page of thanks, and also in the pages in which they have taken part actively.

Mankind moves forward rapidly under certain aspects of scientific and technical research, but suffers great backwardness as far as the comprehension of spiritual reality is concerned, which implies also a great ethical backwardness. This situation puts at risk the progression of life in this great school which is our planet. With our project, which starts with a basic information and which is not necessarily the only one, we wish to help to improve this lack of balance and to encourage other projects willing to go further.

Team of the site In body and soul.
Tuesday, 21st January 2020.
Translation: Loto Perrella.