Ennio d’Alba Interview

Ennio d’Alba Interview

Introductory note

Ennio d'Alba.Ennio d’Alba’s spiritual system works on a number of regressions. But these regressions are not meant to find out if in the past we were Napoleon or Cleopatra (quite funnily, when doing a regression everybody find they were a famous character…). This is a regression where the person tries to establish, or re-establish, a fusion with their subconscious, which is the one to guide and to counsel in this life. To this end it is necessary to carry out several sessions, during which the instructor will lead us to another dimension, where we will receive information and advice which will be useful in our life, and which will lead us (if we so wish) to engage in a spiritual path.

There are many sorts of regression, and many masters, each one with his system and his purpose. The one pursued by Ennio d’Alba is unique, and in Spain the only person qualified and entitled to carry out these regressions is Loto Perrella, who worked many years with him in Barcelona assisting him during the sessions where she acted as translator, and in Rome where she travelled regularly. She also translated into Spanish his book “Il risveglio della divinità nell’uomo” (The awakening of divinity in man), and who was with him in his last days (2022).

Loto Perrella.
Barcelona. Tuesday, April 2, 2024.


This short fascicle1 is different from the others, because of the need which appeared when Ennio d’Alba entitled some of his disciples to perform as instructors of his method.

For the first time then the instructor had to answer his students’ questions who, rightfully, wanted to know who was Ennio d’Alba, from which schools came his teachings, which masters taught him: in short, which had been his spiritual path.

And so we asked Ennio d’Alba himself in an interview, which he kindly granted us, the information we had been asked, so as to be able to give exact answers.

This interview was registered on 18th February 2003, and this fascicle is the result.

Marinella Bonasso & Anna Maria Venturini

His life

Ennio Cafagna, whose mystical name is Ennio d’Alba, was born in Rome on 26th September 1926. He grew in a family which gave him an education in accordance with his time, with a great concern for his physical wellbeing but little attention to the sensitivity and psychological needs of the child.

He was an introverted child, he felt lonely and little understood by his strict parents who tried to subdue him even with bodily punishments, being his will already well developed, so he resorted to his imagination of which he was well-endowed. He was also very curious and unceasingly asking questions from everybody.

At school he does little, during the whole of primary school and the first two years of secondary school the teachers find no interest in a pupil which appears absentminded and they give him bad notes.

In that time, creative imagination and visualization were meaningless words, but that was the issue. The child however finds finally a teacher, an intelligent priest, who understands him and helps him to undertake his studies seriously.

At 12 he feels the need to read unusual books which will take him on a path he feels is his, and along which he still gropes along.

He feels an interest especially for yoga, of which he does also the exercises, and for theosophy. At that time in Rome it wasn’t easy to find that sort of books, only a few bookshops had them. He found one in Piazza Colonna and became a regular customer.

Those years flow peacefully, among friends and books, he likes girls, falls easily in love, and idealizes the recipient of his love.

Then the pursuits he had as a teenager become secondary in face of life’s priorities. He marries young and leaves Rome to settle in another town because of his work.

But his marriage does not work and there is a breakup.

This separation, with the disappointment and the pain it causes, is a very important feature in his life, it compels him to look inside and to take up again his inner quest.

His spiritual journey

At that time Ennio reads very much, he learns a lot from Eastern and Western philosophies, he takes interest in ancient mystery schools and in Hermetic Philosophy, and, “by chance” he finds in a magazine an ad of a Rosicrucian school which he immediately joins.

The school improves his esoteric and hermetic knowledge, but to attain the 12 initiations he must travel to Lugano at regular intervals.

In the meantime he meditates and in his meditation he gets in touch with Brunilde, his Subconscious, which in the first encounter appears to him dressed like a warrior and starts to guide him to recover ancient initiations from past lives, and to suggest the stages which, along many years and with many successive modifications, will become the “spiritual” path which we know at present.

Brunilde watches over him, for many years she is his master, because Ennio, exceptionally, and contrary to what it has been for all of us, never had a human master to shorten his journey. From her he is also inspired to write the poems which he starts to publish.

On Brunilde’s advice he chooses his mystical name, which substitutes his own according to custom, to operate in the spiritual field.

On one occasion, Ennio is at Alba, in Piedmont. Suddenly he is aware, on the cathedral façade, of the image of the four Evangelists under the shape of their respective token animals, each one symbolizing one of the four constellations which make up the “great fixed cross” of astrology: Aquarius, Leo, Ox (Taurus), Scorpio, whose symbol is the Eagle. In Italian their first letters make the name ALBA.

The Evangelists are also the symbol of the four elements: air, fire, water and earth, these elements are also represented by each of the Hebrew letters which make the name of Jahve. As a symbol it is a full image of Creation, and then he understands the reason of his name, that Brunilde suggested.

In those days he lectures, he organizes seminars where they also practice visualization, and tries to spread what he has learned, that now has become an intimate part of him.

Ennio D’Alba – [vol. 1.]: Il risveglio della divinità nell’uomo: la via dell’amore-conoscenza – Roma: Fermenti, 1988. Cover. Italian.He also writes some of his notebooks2, and starts his first book, “Il Risveglio della divinità nell’uomo3, which later will be translated into German and later into Spanish, and later the second part of it.

Also in that time he gets in touch with some shaman masters (in flesh and blood this time) and, even if he thinks that that is not the best way for the westerners’ frame of mind, he learns useful teachings from them.

In Lugano Ennio reaches the 12th degree, that is the last Rosicrucian initiation and, on that occasion, he meets his personal Master.

The Master looks at him as if searching his soul, he looks fixedly into his eyes and then disappears, leaving him disappointed, wrongly believing he has not been accepted.

He discusses the matter with his instructors and realizes that none of them has ever reached that standard. The Master he saw is an utter stranger to him and only later, “by chance” will he see his picture together with other Masters in a book on a bookstall… of course he buys it.

It is the master Lahiri Mahasaya, a disciple of Babaji, who lived in the East, and who keeps appearing to him also later, taking turns with the other masters in the picture.

Now his Rosicrucian path is finished. It has given him mainly a cultural training, as the esoteric teachings of the school have been few, excluding the initiation rituals which, however, were not explained. There was much pageant and little essence.

But these things have sparked off in him a sort of spring and, chiefly, have taken him to Switzerland.

Lugano is a set point in his route, his Master has done so as to have him arrive at the right moment.

I met the right persons”, says Ennio, “I went to the right places,… everything started there. I met a lady who smoothed the way for me and introduced me to the right persons. Everything was born there.”

She introduces him to people in Locarno, people who help him to start the first sessions as an instructor, always individual one, to test on others the route which his Subconscious had him do in the past.

Also through the people he meets in Switzerland he gets in touch with an American esoteric association called BOTA, the “Builders of the Adytum”, that is the Builders of the Inner Temple, and, on their request, he starts translating for the Italian students the lectures that the association sends to its French students.

He carries out this job in a short time, as they have asked him. It is an exhausting job but it improves his knowledge of the four hermetic sciences: Alchemy, Tarot, Cabala and Astrology, and this helps him to put together the several pieces of the esoteric-hermetic outlook of the world.

In those years Ennio is not yet what is considered a “realized master”, that is the step from his personal Master to the Cosmic Master, with the following identification with Him, has not yet taken place. But helping others quickens his route.

Finally, at seventy, Ennio is a Master.

Thanks to his interest, originally cultural but which came from deep within, to his studies, to his meditation supported by an iron will to carry on, without any help from an outer instructor, he has been able to carry out his task in this incarnation, the last one as a human being. Now he can also show to others, fully, the initiation route on the “Spiritual Path”.


And now
that I have
completed this life
I look at myself
as from the outside
and marvel
at the Great Work
carried out in me
thanks to You, My Lord.
It is a huge and powerful building,
eternal and immortal,
a god among mortals
present in several worlds
to manifest, in Thy Service,
Your Glory in creation
to be able to heal and harmonize all,
eliminating dullness
from human minds,
the only present disorder on this earth
among so much order in the universe.


1 2I Quaderni” by Ennio d’Alba, printed by him. “I Quaderni” are a support to personal sessions. There are 42 of them.

3 Ennio d’Alba – “El despertar de la divinidad en el hombre” (Volume 1). Spanish translation. Barcelona, Ediciones Abraxas, 2000. Volume 2: not translated.

4 The poem is by Ennio d’Alba.

The scientific evidence that reincarnation exists. “Nude Project” interview with Doctor Manuel Sans Segarra.

The scientific evidence that reincarnation exists. “Nude Project interview with Doctor Manuel Sans Segarra.


YouTube” user profile: NUDE PROJECT. Date of upload on “YouTube: Sunday, March 3, 2024. Duration: 1 hour, 33 minutes and 7 seconds. Language: Spanish.

Doctor Manel Sans Segarra visits the Nude Project podcast to describe his greatest discovery during his last years as a surgeon: Near Death Experiences (NDEs). After performing life-and-death operations to his patients, those told him of seeing the state in the afterlife… Which awakened his passion to scientifically answer many questions. Does another dimension exist? Who created the universe? Do humans reincarnate?

Clarification: Astronomer Edwin Hubble lived between 1889 and 1953.

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Interview with Doctor Michael Newton for Wisdom Magazine in Romanian language.

Interview with Doctor Michael Newton for Wisdom Magazine in Romanian language.

Animated Romanian flag.We are glad to inform you that Romanian language readers already have available in this language the interview given by Doctor Michael Newton and conducted by Mary Arsenault for Wisdom Magazine.

Widsom Magazine. Logo.We thank Govor Marian Cosmin for the translation work, which allows us to expand the knowledge about this regression therapist specialized in the period between two lives.

In body and soul” Website’s team.
Monday March 11, 2024.
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Mintea: un interviu cu Dr. Michael Newton, de Mary Arsenault (The Mind: An interview with Doctor Michael Newton, by Mary Arsenault).
Widsom Magazine (Revista Wisdom). Miercuri, 1 decembrie 2004.
În 1994, viața așa cum o știm, cu toate întrebările sale chinuitoare despre motivul pentru care suntem aici și unde ne îndreptăm, a luat sfârșit odată cu publicarea cărții Călătoria sufletelor a doctorului Michael Newton. În această carte (…).
Traducere: Govor Marian Cosmin.

Training in regression therapy. Starting February-March 2024.

Training in regression therapy. Starting February-March 2024.

Psychologist Carlos González Delgado AO11251

Online and/or hybrid modality (face-to-face).

The calendar will be flexible and agreed among the registrants.

Program on our website:


Information and reservations:

+34 616468958

Disseminat Los Espartales.
Parcela 62
29570 Cártama

Atma Center of Cártama.
Headquarters of the Spanish Association of Regression Therapy (AETR).

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Training in regression therapy. Starting February-March 2024.

Interview by Terra Networks and Katia’s Evidence by Doctor Viviana Zenteno in Basque language.

Interview by Terra Networks and Katia’s Evidence by Doctor Viviana Zenteno in Basque language.

Animated Basque flag.All Internet users of Basque language have at their disposal the interview given by Carmen Luz Heredia to Doctor Viviana Zenteno by Terra Networks from Chile as well as the Katia’s Evidence case of the aforementioned therapist. We thank Iraide López de Gereñu for the translation work.

In body and soul” Website’s team.
Tuesday February 20, 2024.
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Osteguna, 2010ko maiatzaren 6an.
Teknika honen bidez, iragana orainarekin nahasten da eta kontzientean ez dauden gertaera batzuk aktibatzen dira.
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Interview by Terra Networks and Katia’s Evidence by Doctor Viviana Zenteno in Portuguese language.

Interview by Terra Networks and Katia’s Evidence by Doctor Viviana Zenteno in Portuguese language.

Animated Portuguese flag.We are happy to inform you that Internet users using the Portuguese language have at their disposal the interview given by Carmen Luz Heredia to Dr. Viviana Zenteno by Terra Networks from Chile as well as the Katia’s Evidence case of the aforementioned therapist. We thank Simone de Souza for the translation work.

In body and soul” Website’s team.
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Dotora Viviana Zenteno. As regresões como terapia da alma. Entrevista Terra, 6-5-2010 (Doctor Viviana Zenteno. Regressions as a soul therapy. Interview by Terra, May 6, 2010).
Entrevista Terra Networks Chile. Quinta feira, 6 de Maio de 2010. Dotora Viviana Zenteno. Por: Carmen Luz Heredia.
A travéz de esta técnica, o passado se mezcla com o presente e se activa uma series de fatos que não estão no consciente.
Tradução: Simone de Souza.

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Quinta feira, 1 de Outubro de 2014. Terapeuta: Doctora Viviana Zenteno.
Katia (45) comprende em esta regresão o motivo de uma renuncia amorosa. Anos atrás ela era libre, mas ele não, i era una figura pública.
Tradução: Simone de Souza.

Interview with Doctor Cabouli by La Vanguardia in Esperanto and Occitan.

Interview with Doctor Cabouli by La Vanguardia in Esperanto and Occitan.

Jose Luis Cabouli. Photo: José María Alguersuari.We are happy to inform you that Esperanto and Occitan speakers have already available into their respective languages the interview given to Doctor José Luis Cabouli by Lluís Amiguet, from the La Contra section of the La Vanguardia newspaper.

We thank Alfons Tur for his translation into Esperanto and Jordi Ràfols for the translation into Occitan.

In body and soul” Website’s team.
Wednesday February 14, 2024.
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Animated Esperanto flag.

José Luis Cabouli: «Via egoo ne eltenas la tutan veron» (José Luis Cabouli: “Your ego cannot bear the whole truth”).
La Vanguardia, sabato, 23-an de aŭgusto de 2003. La Contra.
Mi estas 52 jara. Mi naskiĝis en Bonaero. Mi estis plastĥirurgo, sed unu el tiuj kiuj ne riĉiĝas, kaj nun mi estas regresa terapeŭto. Mi havas 10 monatan filon kaj alian jam 20 jaraĝan. Mi oponias ke en la nuna vivo ni pentas erarojn de antaŭaj vivoj kiujn ni devas solvi per amo kaj teruraj traŭmoj de kiuj nia konscio bezonas sin liberigi je la ekmemoro (…).
Tradukis: Alfons Tur Garcia.

Animated Occitan flag.

José Luis Cabouli : «Ton ego pòt pas suportar tota la vertat» (José Luis Cabouli: “Your ego cannot bear the whole truth”).
La Vanguardia. Dissabte 23 d’agost de 2003. La Conta.
Ai 52 ans. Soi nascut a Buenos Aires. Èri cirurgian plastician, mas dels que s’enriquisson pas, e uèi soi terapeuta regressiu. Ai un filh de 10 meses e un filh de 20 ans. Cresi que dins la vida, purgam las errors de las vidas anterioras que devèm corregir amb amor e los terribles traumàs dont nos devèm liberar quand nòstra consciéncia se’n rebremba (…).
Traduccion : Jordi Ràfols.

Second international course of advanced training in regression therapy – 2024.

Second international course of advanced training in regression therapy – 2024.


Registration period open.

A partial pack available with only the four English language teachers. Click here for page information:


Addressed to therapists trained in regressive therapy in training schools acknowledged by the regressive therapy associations of Chile, Argentina, Spain, EARTH (Europe) and other prestigious schools as per the organization’s opinion.

It consists of 10 seminars, given by ten teachers with recognized international experience.

It has a length of 120 hours.

Beginning and end: March 2024 – December 2024.

Each seminar will last: 3 running days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday).

Each seminar will last 12 hours.

Every daily session: 4 hours.

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Agenda 2024.

Teachers: press on respective lower link for more information on your seminar:

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September 20-21-22 (Nacho Romón, Spain).

October 25-26-27 (Pavel Gyngazov, Russia).★

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December 13-14-15 (Marion Boon, Holland).★

With simultaneous translation into Spanish.

The seminars will be registered in video for a later viewing should assistance not be possible.

This course has been acknowledged by:

Asociación Chilena de Terapeutas de Vida Pasada (ACHTEVIP) [Chilean Association of Past Life Therapists (ACHTEVIP)].

Asociación Argentina de Terapia de Vidas Pasadas (AATVP) [Argentine Association of Past Life Therapy (AATVP)].

Asociación Española de Terapia Regresiva (AETR) [Spanish Association of Regressive Therapy (AETR)].

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Information: Telephone: (+34) 616.468.958

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Second international course of advanced training in regression therapy - 2024.

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Basic Workshop on Past Lives Theraphy with Doctor José Luís Cabouli. 26, 27 and 28th January 2024. Online by Zoom.

Basic Workshop on Past Lives Theraphy with Doctor José Luís Cabouli. 26, 27 and 28th January 2024. Online by Zoom.

Basic Workshop on Past Lives Theraphy.

Doctor José Luís Cabouli.

26th-27th and 28th of January of 2024.

Translation: Núria Comas Viladrich.

This is a Past Lives Therapy (PLT) introductory course aimed at those who wish to know and learn about this therapeutic alternative without carrying out an entire formal training.

The workshop will consist of five separate classes taking place Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday, from 4 to 8 pm on Friday and from 10 am to 8 pm on the weekend, when the fundamental concepts of PLT will be explained: the basic regression technique, the therapeutic work of traumatic experiences in past lives, fetal life and birth, and how the anamnesis is performed when using PLT techniques.

Each class will be splitted into a theoretical part and a practical part during which Dr. Cabouli will perform a didactic regression by drawing lots among the attendees.

The course is aimed at therapists and health and other disciplines professionals wishing to acquire a different knowledge about the genesis and resolution of emotional conflicts that they often face on a daily basis as well as at those who wish to delve into their interior development.

In addition to therapists interested in learning about a different therapeutic alternative, the course may be of particular interest to obstetricians, pediatricians, and those professionals working in palliative care or accompanying terminally ill patients.

At the end of the course a certificate of attendance will be issued.

Basic Workshop on Past lives Therapy (PLT) Program:

Lesson 1.

General Introduction; basic premises on the basis of Past Lives Therapy (PLT).

The timeless dimension of the soul, the trapping of consciousness and the concept of multi-simultaneity.

Experience excluded from consciousness, responsible experience and traumatic experience.

Symptom: the pathway to experience excluded from consciousness.

Didactic regression by Doctor José Luis Cabouli.

Lesson 2.

Basic Regression Technique.

Therapeutic work of the traumatic experience.

How the therapeutic session is conducted.

Didactic regression by Doctor José Luis Cabouli.

Lesson 3.

The experience of death.

Therapeutic work of the different traumatic death experiences.

Didactic regression by Doctor José Luis Cabouli.

Lesson 4.

Fetal life and birth.

Influence of emotions, maternal beliefs and external events on the psyche of the fetus.

Therapeutic work of events that may occur at birth: cesarean section, general anesthesia, forceps and circular cord among others.

Didactic regression by Doctor José Luis Cabouli.

Lesson 5.

Anamnesis in PLT: initial interview conducted by the therapist which differs from the classic medical history.

Mandates and Promises: Positive or negative statements that work as programmers of behaviors from the unconscious.

Didactic regression by Doctor José Luis Cabouli.

Online (vía Zoom platform).

Cost: 350€.

Registration Form:


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