Interview to Dr. José Luis Cabouli by newspaper Reforma, Mexico DF. En

Interview to Dr. José Luis Cabouli by newspaper Reforma, Mexico DF.

Reforma. Natalia Videla, Mexico, 26th August 2006.

Explaining the phenomenon of possessed souls.

Have you ever observed that what you think, say and do does not come from you, but you do it urged by a will which is not yours? If this is so, do not discard the possibility of being «possessed».

At least, this is what Argentinean therapist José Luis Cabouli defends. He applies the Past Life Therapy, and upholds that he has made over four thousand regressions, and in about ten per cent of them he has come across experiences of spiritual possession.

The author of Terapia de la posesión espiritual (Therapy of spiritual possession), (published by Indigo), who has trained over twenty Mexican therapists, says that when mentioning possession he does not mean what may be seen in films, such as Ghost, where Sam (Patrick Swayze) gets into the body of a medium (Whoopi Woldberg), or The exorcism of Emily Rose, a film in which Emily Rose (Jennifer Carpenter) becomes possessed by the devil.

What does he mean by spiritual possession? Whom does it strike? And how can it be coped with? These are some of the questions answered by Cabouli.

What is spiritual possession?–

We call it possession because it is the way it has been called along the centuries, because apparently persons are possessed, but actually the disembodied soul or spiritual entity of a dead person cannot get into a body.

What actually happens is that it gets in touch with the vibratory field of a living person and produces an interference, because the psyche of the dead mixes on a subconscious level with the thoughts of the living person, who is not aware of what is going on.–

What is a disembodied or lost soul?–

It is the soul of a person who has died and, for some reason, remains trapped in the physical plane and cannot go to the spiritual dimension: some of the reasons may be not being aware of being dead and very strong love bonds, and also the wish to care for their loved ones, or even the wish to take vengeance on somebody.

People think that they are demons, but in ninety percent of cases they are relatives. There are also opportunist souls, which stick to people who come near to poke their nose when there is an accident, or go to the cemeteries with an open vibratory field.–

What is a vibratory field?–

The vibratory field surrounds human beings, and usually is known as magnetic aura. It is a constantly vibrating field which envelops every person. It can be modified by peoples’ thoughts, emotions, and sensations.–

How does «possession» upset the person concerned?–

When the dead person’s psychism blends with the subconscious mind of the living person, this may feel sensations and emotions that are not his and suffer behaviour disorders: it is as if suddenly there were more than one will.

In cases in which the spell is strong, the lost soul dominates the mind and the will. At times the person may lose his self-consciousness and the other one appears. For this reason, when the person recovers from this state, he does not know what happened.–

Who is more vulnerable?–

Not everybody suffers an interference, this happens to those with a weak vibratory field because of psychological or physical traumas. Children’s vibratory fields are not yet well established, therefore they are more vulnerable.–

Which is the treatment for this?–

The person must allow the lost soul to talk through him. The first therapy is to the other. Most lost souls don’t know what is going on and the situation must be explained to them, or to see which need they have to stay here on the physical plane, and help them to go over to the spiritual dimension.

Occasionally, the lost souls cannot let go because the persons do not let them do so, they are calling for help.

After that, the person must work with what helped the soul to get «stuck».–

Symptoms of spiritual possession.

The clinical manifestations which may appear when a person is under the influence of lost souls are:

  • To hear voices speaking inside our outside their head.

  • Strange and obsessional thoughts.

  • Compulsive disorders.

  • All sorts of obsessions.

  • Multiple personalities.

  • Phobias and fears.

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Translation: Loto Perrella.