A case of immediate reincarnation in the family group. Past Lives Therapy. En

A case of immediate reincarnation in the family group. Past Lives Therapy.

A case of immediate reincarnation in the family group.
By Leopoldo Lage, Merlo, San Luis, Argentina.
Translation: Loto Perrella.

Marcela (45 years of age) came to my consulting room in order to work out her phobia of dogs. Her two sons, twelve and ten years old, had been clamouring to have a dog for a pet, but Marcela was so scared of dogs, that she could not even walk alone in her neighbourhood because there were so many loose dogs. Marcela wanted to get free from that unpleasant fear, which caused her to adopt almost comical attitudes when she bumped into some dog, independently from its size or circumstances.

Marcela was the younger of two sisters, her older sister was nine years older than she, and their parents had died several years before. When asked if she had had any traumatic experiences in her childhood or as a teenager, she said she could not recall any especially.

We started the therapy with Marcela, taking her to face her symptoms and to generate them again. After that, I directed her to get under regression into the original experience.

Marcela then goes through an experience in which she is a five year old boy playing alone in his home courtyard. His mother is inside the house. In the courtyard there is a staircase which goes up to a terrace, and, underneath the staircase, is the child’s dog with her litter. The child feels drawn to the puppies and decides to play with them. He bends down in order to get into the doghouse and then the mother dog jumps to his neck and causes a wound which starts bleeding abundantly.

On hearing the child screaming his mother rushes in despair and takes him quickly to the hospital, where the child finally dies while the doctors are working on him.

Marcela explains then how she leaves her body and sees her parents crying desperately, while the doctors recover the cables, tubes and needles.

After that Marcela – who now speaks as a man – explains that an angel comes to him and tells him that he did it very well, and will take him to the light. The boy asks the angel that, before leaving, he be allowed to see his sister, because she must be suffering.

When asked about his sister, the boy (Marcela) says that his sister is called Betty, that she is older than he is, and that she is at school.

Afterwards the boy reports that he sees Betty crying in her room while she looks at his picture, and that he wants to caress her but he cannot touch her. The angel then says that it is time to go into the Light, so they go but he tells the angel that he is very sad because he does not want to leave his sister alone.

Going on with her therapy, Marcela says that the most traumatic moment in this experience was when the bitch attacked. Her physical reactions at that time were to try and get free from the attack screaming to call his mother. Her emotional reactions were a fear becoming panic on seeing the blood all over his body, while the mental reactions were of surprise and despair. Marcela screamed: «I want my mummy!».

Needless to say how much that experience upset her in her present life as Marcela.

Another traumatic moment was when she had to leave her sister and go. Her emotional reaction was an infinite sadness and her mental reaction was «I don’t want to leave her alone».

Up to this point we could say that we followed an ordinary pattern within the Past Lives Therapy. I felt quite satisfied of the work done. I didn’t imagine that the most incredible and surprising part of it was yet to happen.

It happens that, when Marcela told her older sister Beatriz what she had seen during the therapy, her sister fainted, and when she regained consciousness she asked Marcela my contact because she needed to talk to me urgently.

Beatriz arrived for her consultation with me a few minutes before the appointed time and then she started telling me something incredible. She explained to me that she was Marcela’s older sister and that when she, Beatriz, was eight years old her little brother, who was five at the time and his name was Victor, was bitten by his dog when he tried to take one of the puppies. This fact took place under the staircase to the house terrace and, as a consequence of the bite, which perforated a neck artery, her brother died in hospital while he was being taken care of by the doctors. This fact was so painful for the whole family that the dead brother was never again mentioned by anybody.

One month after this terrible event, the mother realized that she was pregnant with Marcela. At the beginning this was a terrible shock for the whole family, but as the pregnancy advanced a great happiness started to overcome the family, and all of them without exception felt that the emptiness left by Victor was being filled by Marcela.

Beatriz told me also that during Marcela’s childhood she showed strange attitudes, such as, for example, setting the table with an extra place for «her little brother», which caused a great bewilderment in the family, as they had asked Beatriz never to tell her sister about this painful fact. Beatriz swore that she had never mentioned anything about this brother, and much less about the circumstances of his death, which is understandable, as it is a typical case of a carefully guarded family secret.

On the other hand, their parents were Russian emigrates who spoke very little Spanish and had no relatives in Argentina, which made it quite a remote possibility for Marcela to come to know the facts through a third party. Even more, after that disgraceful event the family moved to another home, because they could not bear seeing the courtyard which reminded them of the accident. Therefore, Marcela had not even known the house where the facts had taken place.

At present Beatriz is very fond of Marcela, both have a very good relationship and are very much united.

Marcela’s experience made me conclude that it was a case of immediate reincarnation within the same family group, something that I could not even imagine that it could happen, but which opens a whole range of possibilities to research and speculate on life and death. It is interesting to point out that Marcela, on leaving her boy’s body would not leave her sister alone in spite of the angel’s insistence that she goes back into Light. Perhaps, this will to stay with her sister made her come back or reincarnate immediately.

As a therapist, and as a corollary to this story, I can now say that Marcela overcame her fear of dogs and, even if she does not get too near to her children’s pet, today she is happy because her children can enjoy their little poodle, called Toy.

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Special thanks to Doctors Leopoldo Lage and José Luis Cabouli.