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The respect of individuals of other conditions. Evelyn’s evidence.
This case of Dr. Brian Weiss refers to a patient that we shall call Evelyn, where the need to learn to respect the persons belonging to an unfamiliar group becomes evident.
Doctor Brian Weiss. Same Soul, Many Bodies.

Sorts of karma, collective karma, fame, target and forgiveness. Quotations by scholars.
Through the bodies of Dr. Brian Weiss’ patients, submitted to hypnotic regression, not only the past of their souls can be reached in search of a traumatic fact, but also the souls of several scholars or masters may take part in order to give to the therapist explanations on the spiritual evolution.
Doctor Brian Weiss. Only Love Is Real.

Understanding through experience.
Doctor in psychiatry Brian Weiss discloses his initial inquiries in search of references on reincarnation after his first steps in the technique of past lives therapy.
Doctor Brian Weiss. Through Time into Healing.

A case of immediate reincarnation in the family group. Past Lives Therapy.
Marcela (45 years of age) came to my consulting room in order to work out her phobia of dogs. Her two sons, twelve and ten years old, had been clamouring to have a dog for a pet, but Marcela was so scared of dogs, that she could not even walk alone in her neighbourhood because there were so many loose dogs. Marcela wanted to get free from that unpleasant fear, which caused her to adopt almost comical attitudes when she bumped into some dog, independently from its size or circumstances (…).
By Leopoldo Lage, Merlo, San Luis, Argentina.
Translation: Loto Perrella.

Amy’s evidence. A case of suicide and headway through the library of Life Books.
In the following story of one of Dr. Michael Newton’s patients, who here is called Amy, she goes through a past life in which she commits suicide because she is single, pregnant, and her boyfriend has died in an accident in Victorian Britain. Her soul remains bogged down for about one hundred years, in order to think about what she has done, until she comes to a library of Life Books. There she has a conversation with the soul of one of the librarians, an expert instructor who helps her to carry on her path of spiritual evolution (…).
Doctor Michael Newton. Destiny of Souls.

Katia. A clinical case.
Wednesday, October 1st, 2014. Therapist: Doctor Viviana Zenteno.
Katia (45) understands in this regression the reason of the giving up of love. Years back she was free, but he wasn’t, and besides he was a public person.
Translation: Loto Perrella.

Testimony of Cristina. A pact with darkness.
The patient, who in this story takes the name of Cristina, feels often frozen in her activities when she tries to carry out her purpose in her present life. With the help of her therapist she goes to a past life where these symptoms started, when she was a man who made a pact with darkness in order to obtain power and social acceptance by the members of a sect. Cristina, helped by her therapist, undoes the pact which was limiting her, heals the damages caused and solves the impediments which blocked her.
Doctor José Luis Cabouli, Atrapamiento y recuperación del alma. Terapia de vidas pasadas. Un nuevo paradigma. (Entrapment and recovery of the soul. Past Life Therapy: A New Paradigm). Ediciones Continente, Pages 123 to 134.
Translation: Loto Perrella.

Orpheus witness. Spiritual possession therapy.
The patient, here called Orpheus, has finished a session in which he has left behind a pact with Darkness made in a previous life. In the present session the therapist discovers the presence of several disincarnated entities which got inside the patient, taking advantage of his previous state. The therapist holds a dialogue with each of these entities, who show up using Orpheus’ voice and vocal chords, and helps them to find their way to the Light. In this way they free their host from his troubles and they may restart their cycle of successive incarnations.
Doctor José Luís Cabouli. Terapia de la posesión espiritual. Técnica y práctica clínica (Spiritual possession therapy. Clinical technique and practice). Ediciones Continente. Pages 270 to 285.
Translation: Loto Perrella.

A case of abortion. Spiritual possession therapy.
«The BEG (BioElectroGraphy) corresponds to a 35 year old woman who lost a three months pregnancy as a result of an accident. The woman felt guilty and afraid because the accident had been caused by her carelessness. This BEG was obtained during a regression session just when the patient was saying the following: “In this moment I feel the baby as being inside my head.” (…)».
BEG image: Raúl Torres. From the book of Dr. José Luís Cabouli, Terapia de la posesión espiritual. Técnica y práctica clínica (Spiritual possession therapy. Clinical technique and practice). Ediciones Continente. Page 341.
Translation: Loto Perrella.