José Luis Cabouli: “The soul is the driver, the body the vehicle”. En

José Luis Cabouli: “The soul is the driver, the body the vehicle”.

El Periódico de Catalunya. Logo.El Periódico de Catalunya. Wednesday, October 8, 2008.

José Luis Cabouli practices the Past Life Therapy. He is a doctor and soul surgeon. He assumes there is reincarnation and works with patients who drag along traumas from other lives.

José Luis Cabouli: “The soul is the driver, the body the vehicle”.

By Gaspar Hernández.

José Luis Cabouli. Photograph: Elisenda Pons.
José Luis Cabouli. Photograph: Elisenda Pons.

José Luis Cabouli. Photograph: Elisenda Pons.

Wednesday, 8.10.2008. Time 00.00.

You gave up medicine. Why?–

It was fate. I was a plastic surgeon and in 1988 I took some holidays. One evening, why having meditation on the seashore, my life changed. I knew for sure that I had to give up surgery and dedicate myself to surgery of the soul.–

At the beginning, you didn’t think you would do it.–

But I learned that, if you are not doing what you should, life forces you to do it.–

What is Past Life Therapy?–

It lies in bringing to your physical consciousness traumatic circumstances and events which are held down in your unconscious mind, and for this reason they cause unbalances in everyday life.–

Are they life experiences?–

Yes, we went through them, but in other lives. There is a direct relationship between the shocks of past lives and the present day emotional struggles.–

And how do you know that they belong to a past life and not to the collective unconscious?–

To start with, we don’t know exactly what the collective unconscious is. And, if it were so easy to get information from the collective unconscious, then we would do our exams getting in touch with the collective unconscious.–

The patients who do not believe in the past life theory, do they heal?–

From a healing point of view, it does not matter if past lives exist or not. We all have experiences in our subconscious which do not belong to this life’s framework. Ernesto Sábato defined the unconscious as the truest existing reality. All that is in our unconscious will come up in our daily life. –

You believe in reincarnation.–

I used to believe in it, until I started working with past lives. When I started experiencing in myself events of previous lives, I stopped believing in reincarnation and adopted it as a reality, as an experience.–

How many past lives have you had?–

It is impossible to know. In the course of a therapeutic work you may work out 12 or 20 lives. The Buddha had 500 negative lives and 500 positive ones before reaching enlightenment. The only thing that comes up when you work is what is really important for the soul.–

How many lives has a soul?–

Only one. The bodies are instruments and vehicles to carry out the experiences the soul needs for evolution. The soul is a quiddity which holds its character or its essence permanently. You have been you and will always be the same.–

Even if I die.–

Your body dies, not your soul. You need a vehicle in this world, and that is your body. But the body does not hold forever, and the soul will need other bodies to carry out its plan.–

The soul has a plan?–

Yes, a journey. The soul is the driver and the body is the vehicle. And we use this vehicle to carry out the experiences we need to grow, to evolve, who knows until when.–

According to the projects of something superior?–

I think it is a teamwork. There is an architect who leads the plan of the universe, and within this plan, every soul has a job to do. We are here to understand that we are one: we belong to a whole. The the illusion of being in a body makes us believe that we are separated and that we are individual beings. As a matter of fact, when we transcend this, we see that we are part of one only being.–

How can I get in touch with the memory of a past life?–

To get in touch with past lives is quite simple. In the first place, it may happen unbidden or it can be brought about. If it is unbidden, it may happen while doing meditation, in a dream, reading a book, looking at a film or visiting a special place, and then we receive an instant knowledge. It happens often that children between 2 and 6 have unbidden memories of their past lives, because the censorship intellectual systems have not yet stepped in. In spite of this, parents consider this as a fancy.–

You are a doctor, a scientist by education. What would you tell your peers who think you have lost your mind?–

Simply that they should follow the pillars of scientific method: observation, experience and verification. To observe the phenomenon, to experience with it and to verify it. And to keep an open mind, without ever prejudging anybody. If I keep my mind open, in front of me may happen anything. But if I close up, the unconscious I have in front will also close up.–

A past life in Girona. Doctor José Luis Cabouli (Buenos Aires, 1950) was a plastic surgeon in the Argentinian capital until one day he decided to leave his job as a doctor and to take up the so-called Past Life Therapy (PLT). Since 1992 he runs the Centro de Estudios TVP (Centre for the study of Past Life Therapy), and these days he is giving a workshop in Catalonia invited by the Epsilon bookshop. He feels sure that in a past life he lived in the Girona area. There, he says, he feels very much at home.

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