Understanding through experience in German language.

Understanding through experience in German language.

Animated German flag.German language speakers already have at their disposal the document Understanding through experience, by Doctor Brian Weiss.

In this paper, the therapist discovers that various patients can heal painful memories from their soul’s past that originated in previous lives, but notes the difficulty that the main monotheist religions have to officially admit reincarnation. Nevertheless, there are outstanding members of these very same religious communities that participate in the knowledge of the soul’s evolution through successive bodies. We are thankful for the text translation to those who have provided it.

In body and soul” website’s team.
Tuesday, November 15 of 2022.
Post English translation: Núria Comas Viladrich.

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Zum Begreifen durch Erfahrung (Understanding through experience).
Der Doktor der Psychiatrie, Brian Weiss, erzählt von seiner anfänglichen Suche nach Hinweisen auf Reinkarnation nach seinen ersten Schritten in der Technik der Therapie vergangener Leben (…)“.
Doktor Brian Weiss. Through Time into Healing (Durch die Zeit zur Heilung).