Interview with Brian Weiss for the magazine Athanor in English language.

Interview with Brian Weiss for the magazine Athanor in English language.

Animated English flag.We have now available to all English-speaking Internet users the interview with Dr. Brian Weiss in the journal «Athanor», published in issue 35, September-October 2002, between pages 15 and 18.

Athanor. Una puerta al nuevo paradigma (Athanor. A door to the new paradigm). Logo.We are grateful for the collaboration of the translator Loto Perrella as well as to the rest of the team of this publication for facilitating us the recovery and reproducing of the text and its images.

The interview translated into Shakespeare’s language reviews Dr. Weiss’s unique journey into Past Life Therapy, beginning with his encounter with Katherine, the first of his patients that was treated with the technique.

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Saturday, November, 7th of 2020.
Post English translation: Núria Comas Viladrich.

Link to the interview translated to English:

Return to peace. An interview with Brian Weiss.
Athanor Magazine Number 35. September-October 2002. Pages 15-18.
Interviewer: Josep Agustín. Interpreter: Loto Perrella. Photographs: Natalia Campoy.
How to be at peace with oneself and therefore with all is perhaps the magical formula most sought after since always by human beings. We met Doctor Brian Weiss in his hotel and along the whole interview we could feel the peace and quiet, the good temper and the kind nature of the man (…).
Translation: Loto Perrella.