Interview with Brian Weiss for the magazine Athanor in Italian language.

Interview with Brian Weiss for the magazine Athanor in Italian language.

Italian animated flag.We have now available to all Italian-speaking Internet users the interview with Dr. Brian Weiss in the journal «Athanor», published in issue 35, September-October 2002, between pages 15 and 18.

We are once again grateful for the collaboration of the translator Loto Perrella, who with her selfless and persevering dedication helps soul therapy to reach as many people as possible. With such collaborations, more and more people are able to understand the need for healing different forms of suffering that remain hidden in the unconscious.

The interview, this time translated into the language of Umberto Eco, was published in the «Athanor» journal, dedicated to revealing those aspects of reality unknown to most of us. From here, we want to pay tribute to their promoters.

«In Body and Soul» website’s team.
Sunday, 12nd of December of 2020.
Post English translation: Núria Comas Viladrich.

Link to the interview translated to Italian:

Ritorno alla pace. Intervista a Brian Weiss (Return to peace. An interview with Brian Weiss).
Rivista Athanor. Nº 35. Settembre-Ottobre 2002. Pagine 15-18.
Intervistatore: Josep Agustín. Interprete: Loto Perrella. Fotografa: Natalia Campoy.
Come stare in pace con sé stesso, e quindi con tutto, è forse la formula magica più cercata da sempre dagli esseri umani. Nel colloquio con il Dottor Brian Weiss nel suo albergo, e durante tutta l’intervista, ci siamo sentiti accompagnati dalla tranquillità, il buon umore ed il carattere cordiale di questa persona (…).
Traduzione: Loto Perella.