Evelyin’s Evidence in Basque language.

Evelyin’s Evidence in Basque language.

Ikurriña.We are pleased to inform you that we have published on the website «In Body and soul» («Gorputzez eta arimaz») the Evelyn’s evidence case (Evelynen adierazpena), a case of Doctor Brian Weiss published in his book Same Soul, Many Bodies (Gorputz asko, arima bera) which is perhaps, the most beautiful case published throughout his books and which includes both regressions to the past and progressions to an hypothetical future, which vary according to the patient’s attitude.

Thanks to Iraide López de Gereñu, we can now dispose of the Basque version of this case accessible from the Appointments and Testimonials section among the other published languages

This testimonial helps us understand the consequences of certain types of behaviour. If we hate people belonging to certain groups or categories, then it is likely that in the next life we are born as someone belonging to this very same specific category. Evelyn experiences a series of hypothetical progressions to the future in this sense, until she is capable of freeing herself from the hate and the rage towards those who do not belong to her own kind.

«In body and Soul» website’s Team.
First Version: Thursday, January 14th of 2021.
Last update: Friday, January 15th of 2021.
Post English translation: Núria Comas Viladrich.

It follows the information about the page in Basque language:

Beste baldintzak dituzten pertsonak errespetatu. Evelynen adierazpena (The respect of individuals of other conditions. Evelyn’s evidence).
Kasu honetan Brian Weiss doktorearen gaixo batena da, Evelyn izena duen emakumea, kasu honetan talde desberdin bateko jendea errespetatzen ikasten hasteko beharra agertzen da.
Brian Weiss medikua. Same Soul, Many Bodies (Gorputz asko, arima bera).
Itzulpena: Iraide López de Gereñu.