We have got “Amy’s Evidence” in Galician language.

We have got “Amy’s Evidence” in Galician language.

Animated Galizian flag.Thanks to the excellent collaboration of the Galician language teacher Elisa Borrazás, we have at our disposal the striking Amy’s Evidence in the language of Castelao. In this case, from the work of Dr. Michael Newton, the patient recalls a previous life where she committed suicide because she is single, pregnant, and her boyfriend has died in an accident in Victorian Britain.

In that incarnation, Amy did not have enough courage and confidence in the future in spite of the adverse situation she was suffering and had to remain stagnant for a long period of time in her evolution, prior to her subsequent evaluation.

Dr. Newton delves into the extraordinary resources that become available to some souls in the period between two lives in order for them to be knowledgeable about the alternative paths that they could have chosen in the previous life, in the case of having opted for a different alternative among the presented ones. A knowledge which is still vetoed for incarnate souls like ours in the present stage of spiritual evolution of Humanity.

«In body and Soul» website’s Team.
Saturday, October 24 of 2020.
Post English translation: Núria Comas Viladrich.

It follows the information about the page in Galician language:

Testemuño de Amy. Caso de suicidio e paso pola biblioteca dos Libros da Vida (Amy’s evidence. A case of suicide and headway through the library of Life Books).
No seguinte relato, unha paciente do Doutor Michael Newton, que aquí toma o nome de Amy, revive unha vida pasada na cal se suicida por atoparse solteira, embarazada e perder a súa parella nun accidente na Inglaterra victoriana. A súa alma queda estancada uns cen anos dedicada a reflexionar sobre o que fixo, ata que accede a unha biblioteca dos Libros da Vida. Alá establece un diálogo coa alma dun dos bibliotecarios, un experto mestre que a axuda a continuar o seu camiño de evolución espiritual (…).
Doutor Michael Newton. Destino de las almas. Un eterno crecimiento espiritual (Destino das almas. Un eterno crecemento espiritual). Páxinas 93-100.
Tradución: Elisa Borrazás.