700th anniversary of the execution of Gilhem of Belibasta. 1321-2021.

Guilhem de Belibasta: «Al cap de 700 ans verdejera lo laurelh». 1321-2021.

700th anniversary of the execution of Gilhem of Belibasta. 1321-2021.

Sunday, October 24 of 2021 is the most likely date of the 700th anniversary of the execution by the the Catholic Inquisition’s bonfire of the last known historical Cathar, Gilhem de Belibasta, in Vila-Roja de Termenés, Occitania very close to northern Catalonia.

Tradition has it that shortly before his death, Belibasta stated: “After seven hundred years the laurel will blossom.

The religion of good men and good women, perfect or Cathars was characterized by sharing the faith in the Christ of the Roman era and the belief in reincarnation.

Today, some therapists help their patients to heal the wounds of the unconscious which may come from previous lives. These are the practitioners of Past Life Therapy (PLT) and Spiritual Possession Therapy (SPT).

There is a common knowledge shared, among others, by the followers of the Jewish Kabbalah, the Gnostics, some early fathers of the Christian Church, Sufi Muslims, Cathar Christians, and, nowadays, soul therapists. All these collectives have helped us or are helping us to understand that we are souls and that we keep changing our physical body.

We would like to regard this message as a tribute to all those people who, over time and regardless of the community or condition to which they belong, have helped or are helping humanity to better understand and make us evolve in the spiritual reality.

Post English translation: Núria Comas Viladrich.