“Past Lives Therapy”. A pathway to the light of the soul. Doctor José Luis Cabouli. 12-1-2023.

Past Lives Therapy”. A pathway to the light of the soul. Doctor José Luis Cabouli. 12-1-2023.


Thursday, January 12, 2023. 20 hours.

Llibreria Epsilon.
Carrer Casanova, 82.

Free entrance. Limited capacity.

Doctor José Luis Cabouli. Terapia de Vidas Pasadas». Un camino hacia la luz del alma ("Past Life Therapy". A path to the light of the soul.). Front page. Castilian.Past Lives Therapy“. A pathway to the light of the soul. Doctor José Luis Cabouli.

Have we lived other lives before this one? Is it possible that today, in our present life, we unknowingly react to the influx of old unresolved emotions?

Many people undergoing the regression experience find that the symptoms and conflicts that disturb them in their current life disappear or are resolved by reliving scenes from their previous lives.

For the first time, an Argentinian doctor reveals his clinical experience with Past Lives Therapy (PLT) and explains, in a clear and entertaining way, through real stories, the technique he uses in his private practice.

From the basic concepts, the origins and evolution of PLT, passing through the fundamental technical premises, the reading takes us gently and progressively towards the intimate experience of regression through the development of therapeutic sessions as they were experienced by the people involved in them.

The eighteen stories presented are true and illustrate just a few of the many possibilities offered by PLT.

Epsilon: The reference. Since 1973 at your service.

In 2023 we are celebrating our 5oth anniversary.

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Post English translation: Núria Comas Viladrich.

II International Symposium on Regression Therapy. 24/25/26-6-2022.

II International Symposium on Regression Therapy. 24/25/26‑6‑2022.

II International Symposium on Regression Therapy.

III AETR Annual Meeting.

Open and free event1.

You can now register for this year’s Symposium on June 24, 25 and 26, 2022.

This year we will have two live demonstrations on regression techniques and we are hosting: Doctor José Luis Cabouli, Graduate Andy Tomlinson, Graduate Marion Boon, Doctor Juan José López Martínez, Graduate Carlos González Delgado, Graduate Jorge Luis Micheli, Graduated Leopoldo Ceballos del Castillo, Doctor Sonia Andrés Espallardo, Graduate Heike Bettendorf, Doctor Laura Cristina Mejía and Therapist Jesús María Carrizo.

On our website in Spanish language you can find all the related information, schedules, speakers, etcetera:


Link to the 18-page PDF document in Spanish with all the information of the symposium:


At the end of this post you can find the program and schedule for the entire Symposium.

If you speak fluent English, have a good internet connection and have any important issue to solve through regression therapy you can request an online regression session with the well-known therapist Andy Tomlinson (more information in Andy‘s note below).

We kindly remind you that the details to connect to the Symposium by Zoom will be sent a few days before the start of the Symposium.

New. This year the preliminary recordings of all the presentations will be available in 10 days, as private videos, only for registrants.

For any additional information:

Whatsapp and Cellphone: (+34) 616.468.958.


infoA que dansa.asoc-terapia-regresiva.es

Warm regards and the greatest blessings for life.

Carlos González Delgado.

President of the Spanish Association of Regression Therapy (AETR).


For the english regression session volunteer, note from Andy Tomlinson:

I am looking for a volunteer for my demonstration in the symposium, ideally with a repetitive current emotional issue such as powerlessness, anger, fear, sadness, or an unexplainable physical symptom such as migraine, shoulder tension, or just feeling low in energy. You will need to be fluent in English and be open to possible current life memories surfacing, although the symposium attendees will be asked to keep this information confidential“.

If you are interested, please drop an email to:

voluntarioA que dansa.asoc-terapia-regresiva.es

Symposium program and schedule:

In addition to watching the entire Symposium through Zoom, you can attend in person at the Atma Center at Guindos avenue, 20, 2nd Left, headquarters of the AETR in Malaga, to witness live the presentations of Doctor Sonia Andres Espallardo, Graduate Leopoldo Ceballos del Castillo, Graduate Heike Bettendorf and Graduate Carlos González. If you wish, you can also see through a screen installed in the facilities, all other interventions that will be carried out online from abroad.

Friday, June 24, 2022.

16h15′. Attendants reception.

16h30′. Symposium Opening and AETR Presentation.

16h55′. 5 minutes break.

17h00′. Andy Tomlinson. Regression techniques live demonstration with an online volunteer by means of regression therapy internet adapted techniques.

18h15′.15 minutes break.

18h30′. Andy Tomlinson. Online presentation in English with simultaneous translation into Spanish: “Soul evolution with regression therapy“.

19h30′. 15 minutes break.

19h45′. Doctor José Luis Cabouli. Online presentation: “Soul entrapment“.

20h30′. Day closure.

Saturday, June 25, 2022.

09h15′. On site attendees reception, connection with the online attendees.

09h30′. Doctor Sonia Andrés Espallardo. Online and on site presentation: “What the soul is telling“.

10h30′. 15 minutes break.

10h45′. Graduated Marion Boon. Online presentation in English with simultaneous translation into spanish: “Clarity versus darkness“.

12h30′. 15 minutes break.

12h45′. Graduated Leopoldo Ceballos del Castillo. Online and on site presentation: “Breaking free from family burdens by means of regression therapy“.

13h45′. Lunch.

16h00′. Attendees reception.

16h15′. Graduated Jorge Luis Micheli. Online presentation: “Lost souls attached to alive persons’ energetic field“.

17h45′. 15 minutes break.

18h00′. Doctor Laura Cristina Mejía de Castro. Presentation: “Epigenetics and the results obtained in regression therapy“.

19h00′. Break.

19h15′. Therapist Jesús María Carrizo. Online presentation: “Interacting with lost souls, triggering and adverse energies“.

20h15′. Day closure.

Sunday, June 26, 2022.

09h15′. On site attendees reception, connection with the online attendees.

09h30′. AETR book presentation

10h30′. 15 minutes break.

10h45′. Graduated Heike Bettendorf. Online and on site presentation: ATR (Accident Trauma Release): “Liberation from the trauma caused by accidents and surgeries“, and live session with a person chosen from among the attendees.

10h30′. 15 minutes break.

12h45′. Doctor Juan José López Martinez. Online presentation: “Life starts before birth and does not end with death“.

13h45′. 15 minutes break.

14h00′. Graduated Carlos González Delgado. Online and on site presentation: “Imaginary regression therapy“.

15h00′. Symposium closure.

Post English translation: Núria Comas Viladrich.


1 Donations to cover expenses will be appreciated. We ask for your generous and voluntary donation to cover the expenses involved in organizing the event. For donations, click on the following link. Thank you: