Proof of reincarnation, by Jordi Griera.

Proof of reincarnation, by Jordi Griera.

Jordi Griera Roig. Wind of liberation. Cover.My first wife, Mariona, had recurring dreams since her childhood. Fifteen years into our marriage, they started to be more frequent. In the morning, she’d say, “I had one of those dreams tonight,” and tell me about it. They were multiple and of a remarkable realism. Furthermore, they had core elements that would place them in surroundings dating back centuries.

In some, she was carrying secret letters through deserted streets, at night and without any lights; she thought they were messages for conspirators because she was hiding. In others, she saw a cathedral crypt with white marble statues. Other nights she saw herself descending a flight of stairs to enter a vast, dark Romanesque church ornamented with extraordinarily rich damasks.

Still, she was in a cloister; or on a pilgrimage on foot along the banks of a river, with donkeys and dressed “in very ancient plain attire”, crossing the river, sleeping in a hollow on the way, passing near a dormant volcano, etc.

Other nights she saw herself going through the streets of a village with ochre-coloured houses, like those of Piedmont or Lombardy. I also remember her mentioning a hermitage devoted to the Holy Trinity, situated in a valley between three hills.

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Webinar and Launching of “Regressions Therapy: the King Of Therapies”. June 26, 2021. Biography of Professor Hans Ten Dam

Webinar and Launching of “Regressions Therapy: the King Of Therapies”. June 26, 2021. Biography of Professor Hans Ten Dam

Doctor Ham TenDam, author of books such as: "Deep Healing and Transformation", "Exploring Reincarnation", "The Long View".

Post English translation: Loto Perrella.ón-profunda-y-transformacion/

Form for the inscription to: Regressions Therapy: the King of Therapies:

Webinar and launching by Dr. Hans Ten Dam, author of the book:

Deep healing and transformation. Handbook of Transpersonal Regressive Therapy, translated into Spanish.

Saturday, June 26, 2021:

10 to 12 a.m.: Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

11 a.m. to 1 p.m.: Colombia, Peru and Mexico.

12 a.m. to2 p.m.: Chile.

1 to 3 p.m.: Argentina and Brazil.

6 to 8 p.m.: Canary Islands and Portugal.

7 to 9 p.m.: Spain and Italy.

Price: 30.00 USD. 20,000 CLP.

A short biography of Professor Hans Ten Dam.

Hans Ten Dam (1943) studied psychology and education at Amsterdam University. Through several positions of management development he became an independent management consultant, mainly in the strategic management of professional organizations and government agencies.

He started working on regressions through his study of international literature on re-incarnation, which culminated in Ring of Light, later renovated, developed and reprinted as Exploring Reincarnation. He described his experiences with the practice of regression in his Deep Healing and Transformation handbook, whose Spanish version will be introduced from Chile.

Dr. Ten Dam is the creator of the Dutch School of Regressive Therapy and founder of the Tasso Institute and Tasso International (, which gives workshops in Europe and Brazil since 1983.

Dr. Ten Dam is also a member of the Publishing Committee of the Revista Internacional de Terapia de Regresión (International Journal of Regression Therapy,, and Past President of the Asociación Europea de Terapia Regresiva, (Earth Association for Regression Therapy,, founded in 2006 in Frankfurt, which has become a World Association.

Tasso and Earth are instrumental for the world development of the Regressive Therapy field, through publications, talks, undergraduate and post-graduate workshops, independent certification, professional associations, participation in conferences and congresses, carrying on or promoting research and publishing the outcomes.

Together with the Earth Association since 2003 he has organized World Congresses of Regression Therapy (, namely:

1. World Congress in 2003 in the Netherlands;

2. World Congress in 2006 in India;

3. in 2008 in Brazil;

4. in 2011 in Turkey;

5. in 2014 in the Netherlands;

6. in 2017 in India;

7. September 2021(?) in the Netherlands.

Deep Healing and Transformation is an actual Treaty of Transpersonal Regressive Therapy, used in training programmes all over the world. It describes a methodical approach to work which goes beyond traditional psychotherapy, while at the same time it retains a professional attitude. It avoids artificial hypnosis inductions and psychical intrusions, working directly with the client’s experiences, and delivering multiple therapeutic tools.

The book may be bought from (, and (

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Dawn of a New Day. Brian Weiss Interview. 2007.

Dawn of a New Day. Brian Weiss Interview. 2007.

New Visions Magazine. Cover.We are pleased to inform you that we have published on the website «In Body and soul» Doctor Brian Weiss Interview for Dawn Light, which can be found in the Interviews section.

This is the complete one hour interview held on Tuesday, December 25, 2007; an excerpt of this interview appeared in the September-October 2007 issue of the «New Visions Magazine».

We are grateful for the work of the translator and therapist Loto Perrella who has provided the Spanish, French and Italian versions of the original english text. This document has also been published in Catalan language.

«In body and Soul» website’s Team.
Tuesday, March 9th of 2021.

It follows the links to the different available versions of the interview:

English animated flag.English:

Dawn of a New Day. Brian Weiss Interview. 2007.
Dawn Light. Tuesday, December 25th 2007.
This is the complete one hour interview I did with Brian Weiss. An excerpt of this interview appeared in the September/October 2007 issue of New Visions Magazine.

Catalan animated flag.Català:

Albada d’un Nou Dia. Entrevista a Brian Weiss. 2007.
Dawn Light (Llum de l’Albada). Dimarts, 25 de desembre del 2007.
Aquesta és l’entrevista completa, d’una hora de duració, que li vaig fer a Brian Weiss al 2007, de la qual se’n va publicar un estracte en el número de setembre/octubre de la revista New Visions Magazine.

Castillian animated flag.Castellano:

Amanecer de un Nuevo Día. Entrevista a Brian Weiss. 2007.
Dawn Light (Luz del Alba). Martes, 25 de Diciembre de 2007.
Aquí está la entrevista completa de una hora que le hice a Brian Weiss. Un extracto de esta entrevista se publicó en el número de Septiembre/Octubre de 2007 de la revista New Visions Magazine.
Traducción respecto la versión original inglesa: Loto Perrella.

French animated flag.Français :

Le Lever d’un Nouveau Jour. Une interview à Brian Weiss. 2007.
Dawn Light ( Lumière de l’aube ). Mardi 25 décembre 2007.
Celle-ci est l’interview complète d’une heure que j’ai eue avec Brian Weiss. Un extrait de cette interview est apparu dans le numéro de Septembre-Octobre 2007 du New Visions Magazine.
Traduction respecte la version originale anglaise : Loto Perrella.

Italian animated flag.Italiano:

Lo Spuntare di un Nuovo Giorno. Intervista a Brian Weiss. 2007.
Dawn Light (Luce dell’alba). Martedì 25 dicembre 2007.
Abbiamo qui l’intervista completa di un’ora che ho fatto a Brian Weiss. Nel numero di settembre/ottobre 2007 della rivista New Visions Magazine abbiamo pubblicato un riassunto di questa intervista.
Traduzione dalla versione inglese originale: Loto Perrella.