Evelyn’s Evidence by Doctor Brian Weiss in Esperanto.

Evelyn’s Evidence by Doctor Brian Weiss in Esperanto.

Animated Esperanto flag.We inform you that we already have the Esperanto translation of the so-called Evelyn’s Evidence, by Doctor Brian Weiss.

This translation is a tribute to those people who uphold sharing the use a language which is not exclusive to any one country, but belongs to all, so that all the human beings on planet Earth understand each other, leaving the remaining vernacular languages on the same level, so that no language nor culture be above or below any other.

There are some other authors, like David Topí, who maintains that there exists another language with similar features being used beyond the limited boundaries of our planet, and that he calls Irdin. If this hypothesis were confirmed, it would be a demonstration that the project on which Esperanto is based is a wonderful idea, which would finally have been successful, even if with another instrument.

The page which has been translated is a call to respect groups different from ours. In this case, the respect towards other ethnic groups and nations, a lesson which can be applied to any relationship among groups with different conditions.

Associació Catalana d’Esperanto-Kataluna Esperanto Asocio (Catalan Esperanto Association). Logo.We are grateful again to Alfons Tur García, who has made possible the translation of this text into the international language created by Doctor Ludwik Zamenhof. We also thank the Associació Catalana d’Esperanto-Kataluna Esperanto Asocio (Catalan Esperanto Association) for their valuable help.

Team of the En cos i anima web site.
Friday, 6th August 2021.
Translation of this presentation into English by Loto Perrella.

You find here the link to the interview in Esperanto:

Respekti la alikondiĉajn individuojn. La atesto de Evelyn (The respect of individuals of other conditions. Evelyn’s evidence).
Tiu ĉi kazo de D-ro Brian Weiss apartenas al paciento kiu prenas la nomon Evelyn, kie evidentiĝas la neceso lerni respekti la homojn kiuj apartenas al alies aro.
D-ro Brian Weiss. Same Soul, Many Bodies (Multaj korpoj, unu animo).
Tradukis: Alfons Tur Garcia.