Advanced international training course on regression therapy.

Advanced international training course on regression therapy.

Organizes: Centre ATMA of Màlaga (Espanya).

Headquarters of the Spanish Association on Regression Therapy.

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Aimed to therapists trained in Regression Therapy at training schools recognized by the Regressive Therapy Association of Chile, Argentina, Spain, EARTH (Europe) and other schools of recognized prestige at the discretion of the Organization.

Languages: Spanish and English (with simultaneous interpretation into Spanish).

It consists of 10 seminars taught by 10 professors with proven international experience.

Total duration is 120 hours.

Start and end: January 2023 – October 2023.

Duration of each seminar: 3 consecutive days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

Hours of each seminar: 12.

Hours of each daily session: 4.


  • January 2023: 13-14-15 (Viviana Zenteno).

  • February 2023: 10-11-12 (Marion Boon).

  • March 2023: 10-11-12 (Has Ten Dam).

  • April 2023: 14-15-16 (Timm Christopel).

  • May 2023: 19-20-21 (José Luis Cabouli).

  • June 2023: 16-17-18 (Maria Eugenia Domínguez).

  • July 2023: 14-15-16 (Carlos González).

  • August 2023: 18-19-20 (Heike Bettendorf).

  • September 2023: 15-16-17 (Marcelo Beloqui).

  • October 2023: 20-21-22 (Paula Fenn).

Price: 1.500€.

Membership discount: 100€.



+34 616 468 958

centre.atma.cartamaA que

  • José Luis Cabouli (Argentina, Catalunya).

  • Hans Ten Dam (Netherlands).

  • Viviana Zenteno (Xile).

  • Paula Fenn (United Kingdom).

  • Marcelo Beloqui (Argentina).

  • Marion Boon (Netherlands).

  • Maria Eugenia Domínguez (Argentina).

  • Timm Christopel (Germany).

  • Heike Bettendorf (Germany).

  • Carlos González Delgado (Spain).

Post English translation: Núria Comas Viladrich.

Advanced international training course on regression therapy.

International Course On Advanced Training In Regressive Therapy.

International Course On Advanced Training In Regressive Therapy.

Hello to all people trained in Regressive Therapy:

If you are trained in Regressive Therapy in any school of recognized solvency and prestige and want to expand your horizons in a very effective way and at the same time learn new techniques applied in our discipline, you may be interested in the course we offer.

The course offers simultaneous interpretation in two languages: English and Spanish.

The teachers are all people of recognized prestige with long trajectory as therapists and teachers.

They are five Anglo-Saxon professionals trained in the heart of EARTH (European Association of Regressive Therapy) and other five Hispanic Americans trained in the school of Doctor José Luis Cabouli.

On the European side the group is composed of: Hans Ten Dam (Holland), Paula Fenn (United Kingdom), Marion Bonn (Ireland), Tim Christophel (Germany) and Heike Bettendorf (Germany).

On the Spanish-American side we have: José Luis Cabouli (Argentina-Catalonia), Viviana Zenteno (Chile), Marcelo Beloqui (Argentina), María Eugenia Domínguez (Argentina) and Carlos González Delgado (Spain).

Information and reservation of places:

Mobile: (+34) 616.468.958
E-mail: centro.atma.cartamaA que

More information about the course in the following link:

Do not hesitate to call me directly if you wish to clarify any doubts that may arise.

Carlos González Delgado.
President of the Spanish Association of Regressive Therapy.

1 International Course On Advanced Training In Regressive Therapy.

Webinar and Launching of “Regressions Therapy: The King of Therapies”. June 26, 2021.

Webinar and Launching of “Regressions Therapy: The King of Therapies”. June 26, 2021.

2021-06-26. International Institute of Regressive Therapy Tasso.

Post English translation: Loto Perrella.

Form for webinar “Regressions Therapy: the King of Therapies”:

Academia de Terapia Regresiva Doctora Viviana Zenteno:

We are pleased to introduce:

Webinar and launching by Dr. Hans Ten Dam, author of the book:

Deep healing and transformation. Handbook of Transpersonal Regressive Therapy”, translated into Spanish.

Saturday, June 26, 2021:

From 10 to 12 a.m, Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

From 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., Colombia, Peru and Mexico.

From 12 a.m. to 2 p.m., Chile.

From 1 to 3 p.m., Argentina and Brazil.

From 6 to 8 p.m., Canary Islands and Portugal.

From 7 to 9 p.m., Spain, Catalonia and Italy.

Price: 30.00 US$, 20,000 CLP.

With the cooperation of:

Earth Association:

Asociación Chilena de Terapeutas de Vidas Pasadas, ACHTEPIV:

Thanks for forwarding this information.

Webinar: Saturday, June 26, 2021. Dr. Hans Ten Dam. "Regression Therapy: The Queen of Therapies." International Event Via Zoom.