Workshop Lost Souls by Doctor José Luis Cabouli.

Workshop Lost Souls by Doctor José Luis Cabouli.

Lecturer: Doctor José Luis Cabouli. Publication profile on “YouTube“: Lago Floral. Conference Date: Friday, October 18, 2019. Publication date on “YouTube“: Thursday, March 5, 2020. Duration: 1 hour, 15 minutes and 4 seconds. Language: Spanish.

Post English translation: Núria Comas Viladrich.

Quotes from scholars by Doctor Weiss and An abortion case by Doctor Cabouli in Romanian language.

Quotes from scholars by Doctor Weiss and An abortion case by Doctor Cabouli in Romanian language.

Romanian flag animated.We would like to inform you that Romanian language internet users already have in their language the web page including the documents of Quotes from scholars case by Dr. Brian Weiss as well as that of An abortion Case, by Dr. José Luis Cabouli. In the latter, the image of a Bioelectrography (BEG) can be found, where the patient’s aura and the entities that live around her can be appreciated.

The mentioned entities tend to be consciousnesses of people who have died in their physical body, for whatever circumstances (such as suicide, traumatic death in an accident, hospital death,…), that have not followed the light at the time of death and that subsequently, go in search of energy food from the aura of a living person, where they are trapped. These entities parasitize the possessed person’s energy and can cause alterations in their behavior.

The therapist’s protocol is to ask the patient’s permission for the entities, one by one, to take control of their guest’s vocal cords in order to dialogue with the therapist. The therapist convinces them that that body is not theirs, that their own body is dead and that they must go towards the light after which they can follow the cycle of successive incarnations. Then the therapist helps the entity to invoke one or more consciousnesses that will help it to bring forth the light that will allow the entity to leave that body.

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Monday, December 26, 2022.
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Tipuri de karma, karma colectivă, faima, scopul și iertarea. Mesajele intelepților (Sorts of karma, collective karma, fame, target and forgiveness. Quotations by scholars).
Prin corpul pacienților doctorului Brian Weiss supuși la regresie hipnotică, nu numai că poate fi accesat trecutul sufletului lor în căutarea unui eveniment traumatizant, dar pot interveni și suflete ale diferiților înțelepți sau maeștri pentru a-i transmite terapeutului explicații despre evoluția spirituală (…).
Doctor Brian Weiss. Only Love is Real (Numai Dragostea este Reală).
Traducere: Govor Marian Cosmin.

Cazul de avort. Terapia de posesiune spirituală (A case of abortion. Spiritual possession therapy).
“BET (Bioenergoterapia) corespunde unei femei de 35 de ani care a pierdut o sarcină de trei luni în urma unui accident. Femeia s-a declarat speriată și vinovată pentru că accidentul s-a datorat imprudenței sale. BEG a fost obținuta în timpul ședinței de regresie chiar în momentul în care pacientul a exprimat următoarele: ‘În acest moment simt că bebelușul este în capul meu’ (…)”.
Imaginea lui BET: Raúl Torres. Din cartea Doctor José Luís Cabouli. Terapia de la posesión espiritual. Técnica y práctica clínica (Terapia de posesiune spirituală. Tehnică și practică clinică). Editorial Indigo. Pagina 397.
Traducere: Govor Marian Cosmin.

Talks with students. Graduate Cristina Oliva Antón (“Cris”).

Talks with students. Graduate Cristina Oliva Antón (“Cris”).

Speakers: Doctor José Luis Cabouli and Graduate Cristina Oliva Antón (“Cris”). Published in YouTube: Doctor Cabouli. Terapia de Vidas pasadas. Date of publication in YouTube: Sunday 19th September 2021. Length: 1 hour, 16 minutes and 7 seconds. Language: Spanish.


  • Beginning (0’00”).

  • How to invite people to become aware that this experience has to do with their soul? (1’35’’).

  • Inconsistency (9’16”).

  • The catch (10’51’’).

  • The light (12’37’’).

  • Traumatic experiences (15’56’’).

  • Recovery of the soul (21’11’’).

  • To improve our next coming (22’11’’).

  • Our purpose (25’30’’).

  • Death (30’16’’).

  • All incurable can be cured (36’57’’).

  • Fear (39’09’’).

  • This life has an end (41’24’’).

  • Authority (43’42’’).

  • How to keep company (45’13’’)

  • Feeling (49’25’’).

  • What do I feel I am feeling? (51’27’’).

  • What we don’t see (54’25’’).

Cris Oliva’s web (in Spanish):

Post English translation: Loto Perrella.