Understanding through experience and Evelyn’s evidence in Occitanian.

Understanding through experience and Evelyn’s evidence in Occitanian.

Animated Occitan flag.We inform you that the documents Understanding through experience and Evelyn’s Evidence, two pieces from Brian Weiss’ books, are now available for Occitanian speaking internauts. Doctor Brian Weiss is a psychiatrist and past lives therapist. The links for both documents are available through the page Appointments and testimonials in each of the languages where they have been translated.

Place dedicated to the Gilhem de Bélibaste Cathar Walk, in Sant Mateu (Baix Maestrat), by Llapisera, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=18984143
Place dedicated to the Gilhem de Bélibaste Cathar Walk, in Sant Mateu (Baix Maestrat), by Llapisera, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=18984143

These translations happen on the seven hundredth anniversary of the death of the last known historical member of the Cathar religion, those known as the Good Men and the Good Women, or the Perfect Ones, Gilhem de Belibasta, who died at the stake at Vila-Roja de Termenés, burnt by the Catholic Inquisition. It was in 1321, the day depending on who tells the story, and it could be either August 24 or October 24. Some say that before dying he made the following prophecy: “700 years from now the laurel will blossom”.

Occitania was a nation which lost her integrity and her liberties defending a faith which combined the belief in the Christ of the Roman era and reincarnation. With these translations we wish to help those Occitanians who remember this fact to become aware that at present there are therapists who help their patients to heal the wounds of their subconscious, even those which come from previous lives. This reality is known both by many of the Occitanian forerunners and by these soul therapists.

Besides, the knowledge of the true culture and history of each one of this planet’s nations is a common heritage of the whole of Humankind, which must be safeguarded so that, those who practice the souls therapies may better document the circumstances of the past of the souls of different patients who submit themselves to regression, and of the disembodied souls which occupy other peoples’ bodies and which must be redirected in their path of spiritual evolution.

Cercle d’Agermanament Occitano-Català (C.A.O.C.) - Cercle d'Afrairament Occitanocatalan (C.A.O.C.) [Catalan Occitan Twinning Circle (C.A.O.C.)]. Logo.We thank again Professor Federico Marino for his work and the Cercle d’Agermanament Occitano-Català (C.A.O.C.) – Cercle d’Afrairament Occitanocatalan (C.A.O.C.) [Catalan Occitan Twinning Circle (C.A.O.C.)] for their help.

Team of the “En cos i ànima” web site.
Sunday, 15th August 2021.
Translation into English of this presentation by Loto Perrella.

The links of the translations into Occitanian are available again at:

Respectar los individus de las autras condicions. Lo testimòni d’Evelyn (The respect of individuals of other conditions. Evelyn’s evidence).
Aiceste cas del Doctor Brian Weiss aperten a una pacienta qu’a aquí lo nom d’Evelyn, ont es confirma la necessitat d’aprene de respectar las personas qu’apertenon a un collectiu alièn.
Brian Weiss. Same Soul, Many Bodies (Molts cossos, una mateixa ànima).
Traduccion a l’occitan d’aprèp la version anglesa originala: Federico Merino.

A la compreneson per l’experiéncia (Understanding through experience).
Lo Doctor en psiquiatria Brian Weiss relata las seiunas investigacions inicialas a la recèrca de referéncias sus la reencarnacion après los sieus primièrs passes en la tecnica de la terapia de vidas passadas.
Brian Weiss. Through Time into Healing (A travèrs del temps en la guarison).
Traduccion a l’occitan d’aprèp la version anglesa originala: Federico Merino.

Website «In Body and soul» in Occitan language.

Website «In Body and soul» in Occitan language.

Occitan animated flag.We are pleased to inform you that we have published the first pages of the website «In body and soul» in the Occitan language. This is the eleventh language to which our website has been translated to. Thanks to the excellent work of translator Federico Merino, we can now offer you these pages in the language of Frédéric Mistral. We are also grateful to the Cercle d’Agermanament Occitano Català, CAOC (Catalan Occitan Twinning Circle) for their collaboration.

Let us remind that the nation known by the modern name of Occitania lost its liberties for defending a faith –the followers of which were called Cathars, Albigensians and by some even Huguenots– which combined the belief in the Christ of the Roman era, –a fact shared by most European peoples and other continents–, together with the knowledge of the reincarnation reality.

The fact that this website is beginning to be expressed in the language of the nation of the good women and men, facilitates the confluence of this ancient tradition of belief in reincarnation with the knowledge of modern soul therapists who help healing old conflicts that may have their origins in past lives.

As long as we dispose of sufficient resources we will be able to face the outstanding challenges of this website, such as its redesign from both the technical and aesthetic aspects and/or the translation of all its pages into the already available languages and to any other languages that may come in the future.

«In body and Soul» website’s Team.
Wednesday, March 11 of 2021.
Post English translation: Núria Comas Viladrich.

List of pages available in Occitan language:

Objectius (Aims).
La cresença que vivèm unicament una encarnacion es fòrça estenduda de pertot lo Mond. De mai, dins las civilizacions d’Occident, sèm impregnats d’aicesta mentalitat modèrna de viure la vida en lo vesinatge sens nos preocupar excessivament de las consequéncias dels nòstres actes (…).
Traduccion: Federico Merino.

Apèl del web «En còrs e arma» (A call from the «In body and soul» web).
Los practicants de la Terapia de Vidas Passadas (TVP) e de la Terapia de la Possession Espirituala (TPE), cadun amb de desparièrs estils e variantas de tractament e mejançant l’estudi de nombroses cases, nos informan que sèm d’armas qu’anam de còrs en còrs. De l’estudi d’aqueles cases dedusissèm que la reencarnacion o metempsicòsi es la via naturala d’aprendissatge e perfeccionament de las armas (…).
Traduccion: Federico Merino.

Entrevistas (Interviews).

Brian Weiss: «Sèm d’armas e anam de còrs en còrs» (Brian Weiss: «We are souls going from one body to the next»).
El Periódico de Catalunya. Dimècres, 21 de genièr del 2009. Opinion. Pagina 80.
L’entrevista amb Brian Weiss, Psiquiatra especialista en terapia regressiva. Als Estats Units a recebut gaireben 4.000 pacients qu’an de remembres de las siás vidas passadas.
Gaspar Hernàndez.
Traduccion: Federico Merino.

Citas e de testimònis (Appointments and testimonials).

Un cas de reencarnacion immediata dins lo grop familial. Terapia de Vidas Passadas (A case of immediate reincarnation in the family group. Past Lives Therapy).
Marcela (45 ans), venguèt al cabinet amb l’intencion de trabalhar la siá fòbia als cans. Fasiá ja mantuns ans que los sieus dos filhs, de dotze e dètz ans, li reclamavan un can coma mascòta, mas Marcela lor aviá fòrça temor als cans, quitament que podià pas marchar sola pel quartièr, ont i aviá fòrça cans en libertat. Marcela desirava se desliurar d’aquesta paur tan embarrassanta que la fasiá prene d’actituds gaireben comicas quand se trapava amb qualque can, sens importar la talha ni las circonstàncias (…).
per Leopoldo Lage, Merlo, San Luis, Argentina.
Traduccion: Federico Merino.

Mercés (Thanks).