Understanding through experience in Basque language.

Understanding through experience in Basque language.

Ikurriña.We are pleased to inform you that we have published on the website «In Body and soul» («Gorputzez eta arimaz») the page Understanding through experience (Esperientzia bidezko ulermena), with the excerpt from the work of Doctor Brian Weiss which reflects his research on the acceptance or not of the concept of reincarnation in the western world and Islam, after discovering the Past Lives Therapy (PLT) with Katherine, his first patient in this line of research.

Iraide López de Gereñu has been the creator of the Basque version of this fragment, which can be consulted in the Appointments and Testimonials section (Hitzorduak eta testigantzak) where it has already been published.

Doctor Brian Weiss wonders about how it is possible that within the three major monotheistic religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, the concept of reincarnation has not been officially accepted, despite being a verifiable reality at individual level in cases where the practice of regressive therapy has resulted into the healing of traumas originated in previous lives. Weiss discovers the hidden reality behind reincarnation advocates who practice these religions. In the case of Christianity we can find among the reincarnation defenders some of the fathers of the church and it is exposed how the Roman political authority prevented the assumption of the concept of reincarnation by establishing which official scriptures were to be.

Website’s Team «In body and soul».
Wednesday, February 10 of 2021.
Post English translation: Núria Comas Viladrich.

It follows the information about the page in Basque language:

Esperientzia bidezko ulermena (Understanding through experience).
Psikiatrian doktorea den Brian Weissek bere lehen ikerketak kontatzen ditu, berrargitaratze erreferentzien bila iraganeko bizitzako terapian oinarritzen den teknikan lehen urratsak eman zituenean.
Brian Weiss. Through Time into Healing (Sendapena denboran zehar igaroz).
Itzulpena: Iraide López de Gereñu.