Doctor Viviana Zenteno’s Bibliography.

Doctor Viviana Zenteno’s Bibliography.

Doctor Viviana Zenteno presenting the book «El Alma Sabe» («Soul knows»).We are pleased to inform you that we have created the page where you can consult the description of all Dr. Viviana Zenteno’s literature, including the synopses of her three books in Catalan, Spanish, English, French and Italian languages.

We are particularly grateful to Dr. Viviana Zenteno for her collaboration in providing us with the technical data of her work, we believe that by doing so both therapists and patients as well as scholars of the reincarnation subject, will better understand the reality behind this exciting topic which was named after the same author: Soul Therapies.

We are also grateful for the good work of the translator and therapist Loto Perrella in providing us with the translations of each book’s descriptions into English, French and Italian languages, versions in which the books were not yet available.

«In body and Soul» website team.
Saturday, 17th April of 2021.
Post English translation: Núria Comas Viladrich.

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Doctor Viviana Zenteno’s Bibliography.

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Bibliografia de la Doctora Viviana Zenteno.

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Bibliografía de la Doctora Viviana Zenteno.

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Bibliographie du Docteur Viviana Zenteno.

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Bibliografia della Dottoressa Viviana Zenteno.