Interview with Doctor José Luís Cabouli for La Vanguardia in Galician.

Interview with Doctor José Luís Cabouli for La Vanguardia in Galician.

Animated Galician flag.We have now available to all Internet users the interview in Galician language with Doctor José Luís Cabouli by the journalist Lluís Amiguet published on Saturday the August, 23th of 2003 in the section La Contra of the Newspaper La Vanguardia.

We are grateful to professor Elisa Borrazás for the translation that will allow all speakers of Rosalía de Castro mother’s tongue a better comprehension of this document, where Doctor Cabouli explains how acute suffering episodes leave a imprint that must be healed in within the soul of every living being as opposed to pleasant experiences.

We hope that this translation helps all Galicia’s language speakers to find a way to heal these soul experiences from the past that might remain in the unconscious mind. A common necessity of all world’s nations individuals who will better understand this need if it is expressed through the soul of each nation, which is its vernacular language.

«In Body and Soul» website’s team.
Saturday, 7th of November of 2020.
Post English translation: Núria Comas Viladrich.

Next, we like to inform you about the link to the interview now available in Galician:

José Luís Cabouli: «O teu ego non atura toda a verdade» (José Luis Cabouli: «Your ego cannot bear the whole truth»).
La Vanguardia. Sábado, 23 de Agosto de 2003. A Contra.
Teño 52 anos. Nacín en Buenos Aires. Fun cirurxián plástico, pero dos que non se fan ricos, e hoxe son terapeuta regresivo. Teño un fillo de 10 meses e outro de 20 anos. Creo que nesta vida purgamos erros de vidas anteriores que debemos emendar con amor, e traumas terríbeis dos que debe librarse a nosa conciencia ao lembralos.
Tradución: Elisa Borrazás.