Orpheus evidence, in Galician.

Orpheus evidence, in Galician.

Animated Galician flag.We inform that the Orpheus evidence, from Doctor José Luis Cabouli’s book, Therapy of spiritual possession, is already available for the Galician readers.

It is about a patient who, in a previous meeting, had broken a pact with darkness established in a previous life, but still had several entities occupying his ethereal body. Through the joint work of therapist and patient, this one lets his vocal cords so that the entities living inside him may, one after the other, hold a dialogue with the therapist, who informs them of their actual situation, and helps them to go towards light so as to continue their cycle of successive incarnations.

This case was chosen by Doctor Cabouli himself to be published in our website. We are again grateful to Doctor Cabouli for his offer and to Professor Vicenzo Reboleiro González for the good translation job into Galician.

Team of the In body and soul website.
Wednesday, May 5, 2022.
Post English translation: Loto Perrella.

Link to the Galician translation:

Testemuño de Orfeo. Terapia de posesión espiritual (Orpheus witness. Spiritual possession therapy).
O paciente que aquí toma o nome de Orfeo saíu dunha sesión onde superou un pacto coa escuridade dunha vida anterior. Na sesión presente o terapeuta detecta a presenza de diferentes entidades desencarnadas que entraron dentro do paciente, aproveitando o seu estado anterior. O terapeuta dialoga con cada unha destas entidades que se manifestan utilizando a voz e as cordas vocais de Orfeo, axudándoas a atopar o camiño da Luz. Deste xeito, liberan o seu hóspede de trastornos e poden volver retomar o ciclo de encarnacións sucesivas.
Doutor José Luís Cabouli. Terapia da posesión espiritual. Técnica e práctica clínica. Edicións Continente. Páxinas 270 a 285.
Tradución á lingua galega: Vicenzo Reboleiro González.

Cristina’s evidence in Galician.

Cristina’s evidence in Galician.

Animated Galician flag.We inform you that those who speak Galician have now at their disposal Cristina’s evidence, from the book «Atrapamiento y recuperación del alma» (Trapping and Recovery of the Soul), by Doctor José Luis Cabouli.

In this case a patient is blocked in her improvement in her present life, and she recalls a pact made with Darkness in a past life. It is a relatively frequent situation among Doctor Cabouli’s patients, and for this reason he chose it to be published in our web site. We thank again Doctor Cabouli for his contribution, and Professor of Galician, Vicenzo Reboleiro González for his good translation work.

Team of the web site In body and soul.
Wednesdeay, 6th April 2022.
Post English translation: Loto Perrella.

Link to the Galician translation:

Testemuño de Cristina. Un pacto coa escuridade (Testimony of Cristina. A pact with darkness).
A paciente, que neste relato toma o nome de Cristina, sofre varios bloqueos á hora de poder levar a cabo os seus propósitos na súa vida actual. Coa axuda do terapeuta ela visualiza unha vida pasada onde se xeraron estes síntomas, cando foi un home que establece un pacto coa escuridade para conseguir poder e aceptación social polos membros dunha seita. Cristina, asistida polo terapeuta, pode desfacer o pacto que a limitaba, sanar os males realizados e resolver os bloqueos a que estaba suxeita (…).
Doutor José Luís Cabouli. Atrapamento e recuperación da alma. Terapia de vidas pasadas: Un novo paradigma. Edicións Continente. Páxinas 123 a 134.
Tradución á lingua galega: Vicenzo Reboleiro González.

Katia’s clinical case in Galician language.

Katia’s clinical case in Galician language.

Animated Galician flag.We would like to inform you that internet users using Galician tongue can read the clinical case of Katia, led by Doctor Viviana Zenteno, in their own language.

We are once again grateful to Doctor Zenteno for allowing us to reproduce her case on our website, both in the original Spanish language and in its translations, as well as to the Galician Language teacher Vicenzo Reboleiro González for the translation of this case in the language of Rosalia de Castro.

In body and soul” website’s team.
Sunday, October 31 of 2021.
Post English translation: Núria Comas Viladrich.

Link to the page in Galician language:

Katia. Caso Clínico (Katia. A clinical case).
Mércores, 1 de Outubro de 2014. Terapeuta: Doutora Viviana Zenteno.
Katia (45) comprende nesta regresión o motivo dunha renuncia amorosa. Anos atrás ela era libre, mais el non, e era unha figura pública.
Tradución á lingua galega: Vicenzo Reboleiro González.

Evelyn’s Evidence by Doctor Brian Weiss in Esperanto.

Evelyn’s Evidence by Doctor Brian Weiss in Esperanto.

Animated Esperanto flag.We inform you that we already have the Esperanto translation of the so-called Evelyn’s Evidence, by Doctor Brian Weiss.

This translation is a tribute to those people who uphold sharing the use a language which is not exclusive to any one country, but belongs to all, so that all the human beings on planet Earth understand each other, leaving the remaining vernacular languages on the same level, so that no language nor culture be above or below any other.

There are some other authors, like David Topí, who maintains that there exists another language with similar features being used beyond the limited boundaries of our planet, and that he calls Irdin. If this hypothesis were confirmed, it would be a demonstration that the project on which Esperanto is based is a wonderful idea, which would finally have been successful, even if with another instrument.

The page which has been translated is a call to respect groups different from ours. In this case, the respect towards other ethnic groups and nations, a lesson which can be applied to any relationship among groups with different conditions.

Associació Catalana d’Esperanto-Kataluna Esperanto Asocio (Catalan Esperanto Association). Logo.We are grateful again to Alfons Tur García, who has made possible the translation of this text into the international language created by Doctor Ludwik Zamenhof. We also thank the Associació Catalana d’Esperanto-Kataluna Esperanto Asocio (Catalan Esperanto Association) for their valuable help.

Team of the En cos i anima web site.
Friday, 6th August 2021.
Translation of this presentation into English by Loto Perrella.

You find here the link to the interview in Esperanto:

Respekti la alikondiĉajn individuojn. La atesto de Evelyn (The respect of individuals of other conditions. Evelyn’s evidence).
Tiu ĉi kazo de D-ro Brian Weiss apartenas al paciento kiu prenas la nomon Evelyn, kie evidentiĝas la neceso lerni respekti la homojn kiuj apartenas al alies aro.
D-ro Brian Weiss. Same Soul, Many Bodies (Multaj korpoj, unu animo).
Tradukis: Alfons Tur Garcia.

Evelyn’s evidence in German language.

Evelyn’s evidence in German language.

Animated German flag.We already have at the disposal of German-speaking Internet users the Evelyn’s evidence caseZeugnisaussage von Evelyn ), in the Appointments and Testimonials sectionTermine und Zeugen ), thanks to the collaboration of Nina Piulats Finger, who has translated the article’s heading and of translator Alexandra Forst, who has corrected both the heading and the main body text of Doctor Brian Weiss’ case himself. We’d like to express our deepest gratitude, which is also reflected on the website’s Thanks section in all the currently available languages .

With this translation, Evelyn’s evidence case is now available in nine out of the ten current available languages of our website. Remember that, apart from the entries appearing in chronological order, this website is made up of pages accessible from the different menu sections. These pages contain the most substantial part of the content of our website. By clicking on each respective flag you will be able to access the version of the page in the selected language, as long as the page is available.

«In body and soul» website’s Team.
Saturday, February 6 of 2021.
Post English translation: Núria Comas Viladrich.

Access link to the webpage in German language:

Individuen anderer Konditionen respektieren. Zeugnisaussage von Evelyn (The respect of individuals of other conditions. Evelyn’s evidence).
Dieser Fall von Doktor Brian Weiss bezieht sich auf eine Patientin, hier Evelyn genannt, bei dem die Notwendigkeit, fremde Gruppen respektieren zu lernen, deutlich wird.
Doktor Brian Weiss. Seelenwege: Reinkarnation und zukünftige Lebenswege (Same Soul, Many Bodies). Seiten 57 bis 63.
Korrektur: Alexandra Forst. Übersetzung der Überschrift: Nina Piulats.

We have got «Amy’s Evidence» in Galician language.

We have got «Amy’s Evidence» in Galician language.

Animated Galizian flag.Thanks to the excellent collaboration of the Galician language teacher Elisa Borrazás, we have at our disposal the striking Amy’s Evidence in the language of Castelao. In this case, from the work of Dr. Michael Newton, the patient recalls a previous life where she committed suicide because she is single, pregnant, and her boyfriend has died in an accident in Victorian Britain.

In that incarnation, Amy did not have enough courage and confidence in the future in spite of the adverse situation she was suffering and had to remain stagnant for a long period of time in her evolution, prior to her subsequent evaluation.

Dr. Newton delves into the extraordinary resources that become available to some souls in the period between two lives in order for them to be knowledgeable about the alternative paths that they could have chosen in the previous life, in the case of having opted for a different alternative among the presented ones. A knowledge which is still vetoed for incarnate souls like ours in the present stage of spiritual evolution of Humanity.

«In body and Soul» website’s Team.
Saturday, October 24 of 2020.
Post English translation: Núria Comas Viladrich.

It follows the information about the page in Galician language:

Testemuño de Amy. Caso de suicidio e paso pola biblioteca dos Libros da Vida (Amy’s evidence. A case of suicide and headway through the library of Life Books).
No seguinte relato, unha paciente do Doutor Michael Newton, que aquí toma o nome de Amy, revive unha vida pasada na cal se suicida por atoparse solteira, embarazada e perder a súa parella nun accidente na Inglaterra victoriana. A súa alma queda estancada uns cen anos dedicada a reflexionar sobre o que fixo, ata que accede a unha biblioteca dos Libros da Vida. Alá establece un diálogo coa alma dun dos bibliotecarios, un experto mestre que a axuda a continuar o seu camiño de evolución espiritual (…).
Doutor Michael Newton. Destino de las almas. Un eterno crecimiento espiritual (Destino das almas. Un eterno crecemento espiritual). Páxinas 93-100.
Tradución: Elisa Borrazás.

Katia. Clinical Case.

Katia. Clinical Case.

In the Appointments and Testimonials section of the website «In body and soul», we have uploaded the page with the case of Katia by Dr. Viviana Zenteno, President of the Asociación Chilena de Terapeutas de Vidas Pasadas (ACHTEVIP) [Chilean Association of Past Lives Therapies (ACHTEVIP)], dated of Wednesday, October 1st, 2014.

Katia. Clinical Case.
Wednesday, October 1st, 2014. Therapist: Dr. Viviana Zenteno.
Katia (45) understands in this regression the reason for the giving up of love. Years back she was free, but he wasn’t, and besides he was a public person.

We have also inserted the links to the website of the Chilean Association of Past Life Therapists (ACHTEPIV) (https://achtevip.org/) and to Dr. Zenteno ‘s website Terapia del Alma (Soul Therapy) (https://terapiadelalma.org/).

We are particularly grateful to Dr. Viviana Zenteno for facilitating access to this case, as well as to the Chilean Association of Past Life Therapists, chaired by herself.

Post English translation: Núria Comas Viladrich.